What’s Coming In October 2016?

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Megg have released a new post on the Club Penguin blog talking about on what’s coming this October 2016. Well, here is what she said:

Hi penguins,

I’ve been collecting cobwebs all year for this. It’s the spooky October update!

October 5

  • Island Insider (Formally Waddle On Wednesday) – Episode 1

October 19

  • Club Penguin Times #559
  • Next pin hidden
  • The 2016 Yearbook

October 24

  • Island Insider – Episode 2
  • CP Reunion Anniversary celebration

October 26

  • Project: Super Secret Update

October 31


Did I see the 2016 Yearbook on that list? YES!!! I’d give five pounds of cobwebs to get my hands on that.

…But seriously, what am I supposed to do with all of these?

-The Club Penguin Team

So she just renamed the Club Penguin show Waddle On Wednesday to Island Insider. Sounds like a good name for a show.

And of course, there are gonna be more new stuff to be coming to the Island later this month according to this post. Be sure you catch up to #MeggMonday every Monday (see CP Blog during that day) to see what “announcements” or things she has to say about the future of CP.

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Halloween Party 2016 Quest #2: ‘Trick or Treat At The Mine Shack!’

Greetings! A new quest have been launched to the Halloween Party 2016! Let’s get to it!

When you logged in to CP, you will be greeted with a message by Gary telling you to collect the candy with the same color

You will be teleported at the Mine Shack when clicking the Find Them button. The room is full with different candies. Here are the answers

After you’ve collected them, you will be rewarded with two free items that are for members only

And there you’re finished! The next quest will be available on October 4th and that will unlock the full Werewolf costume

Did this helped you? Leave us a comment if it did!

Stay tuned for Quest #3