Rockhopper Tracker

Welcome to the Rockhopper Tracker Page. In this page, you will see all the Information of Captain Rockhopper and actually, the Rockhopper Tracker (not automatic).

Rockhopper Tracker:


About Rockhopper:

Captain Rockhopper (commonly known as RH) is a Club Penguin Pirate (Captain) who likes to have so many adventures on the high seas and the Club Penguin Island with his red pet puffle, named “Yarr”. He owns his ship, which it is called the “Migrator”. Rockhopper is the first mascot on Club Penguin.


1. Rockhopper goes on popular servers which are “Frozen, Mammoth and Blizzard”. Make sure you check these servers first, if not, then check other servers that has a 5 Bar server.

2. Rockhopper goes on rooms that are full, such as the “Migrator, Ship Hold, Captain Quarters, Beach, Dock, Town, Snow Forts, Pizza Parlor, and Iceberg”.

3. Rockhopper changes rooms every 10 or 14 minutes.

4. Rockhopper changes servers every 15-20 Minutes and sometimes, he stays on a server for an hour.

5. When Rockhopper is not online for 5-10 minutes, that means that Rockhopper is taking a break for 19 minutes when he visits 1-7 servers.

6. Rockhopper is a red penguin that has a pirate hat, black beard and a new coat. He sometimes goes with his red pet puffle named “Yarr”.

7. When you see Rockhopper on the EMPTY SERVER, he sometimes switch servers for 5-10 minutes. So make sure you tell people the server and room that Rockhopper is in.

8. When a room is crowded, that means that Rockhopper is there with so many penguins. All you have to do is wait at the room that your in and maybe Rockhopper will go to the room that your in so he can explore some rooms.

9. The Rockhopper Tracker is NOT automatic. When i spotted Rockhopper, i will type in the TRUE location in the Rockhopper Tracker. REFRESH tracker. Also, if you have a Twitter Account, follow @Mario86385CP and he will let you know when he spotted Rockhopper.


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