Club Penguin Halloween Party Poll

Good luck answering the poll.


Club Penguin 6th Anniversary Party Cheats 2011

Hey guys, Annivarsary is here !!! :D, Heres the cheats for the anniversary party.

The coffee shop annivarsary party looks like this:

To get the hat, Go to the coffee shop and click this pumpkin pin.

Then all the balloons will pop and you’ll get the anniversary party hat.

Then, Click the anniversary Party cake to get a stamp.

Also theres a new yearbook right now !!.

Heres The yearbook cover.

Thats all the cheats. Good luck and happy 6th anniversary day :).

Club Penguin Cheats 2011-2012 Graphics Store!!

Hey guys, Some people didn’t order my graphics store items, well if you would like to order now, Heres some examples how to order.

1. Go to

2. Click ” Graphics store ” at the top.

3. When your there, You could go to to ORDER items.

4. Or send a comment to Order your items.

5. If you wana Pick Up Items, Go to and go to graphics store and scrool dopwn for your pick up. ( Copy and paste to get your items)

5. Heres the items from my graphics store.

1. Tracker Banner, 1 Cp code

2. Youtube or Twitter Icons, 3 Cp codes

3. Website Background Designer, Free

NOTE: Every 2 weeks, The price will be changed.

If you need any questions, send a comment.