Club Penguin Rockhopper’s Quest 2012 Cheats

Hey Penguins! Today, Rockhopper’s Quest is here!. After a whole week of waiting, Gary is finally done reconstructing the Migrator! Now, thanks to Gary that build the Migrator, the Migrator is ready to travel longer distances even faster and explore new islands on Club Penguin :D.

To get started, sign up at the Beach and pick up your free “Crew Cap” located next to the Lighthouse. Then, waddle to the Migrator.

Here Rockhopper will talk to you and explain what this quest is all about. To make it short, we basically need to build a beacon at the Shipwreck Island. Simply click the arrows and “ok” at the end to start you adventure :D.

Once you enter the Migrator you can either wait and let the Migrator move slowly or Faster to get to Other Islands. to make the Migrator Faster, simply throw some snowballs at the target. If you work together you will get to the Swashbuckler Trading Post in no time!

When you arrive to the Swashbuckler Trading Post you need to pick up the rope and wood to build the beacon at the Shipwreck Island later one. To pick them up simply click it and the following message should appear:


Also you can stay there and have some fun with your friends or you can waste all your Coins with Awsome Special Catalog at  Swashbuckler Trading Post. There’s a few pirate items at this island so make sure to buy them if you are a member on Club Penguin.

When you are done exploring, Get back to the Migrator and set sail to the Dinosaur Island! When you arrive make sure pick up the gem to help us build the beacon at the Shipwreck Island.

On Dinosour Island, You can Swim, Play and Buy Awsome Pirate Cloths on the Special Catalog on Dinosour Island!

Take a look below the Dinosaur Island catalog:

When you’ve explored the Dinosaur Island go back to the Migrator and set sail to the Shipwreck Island! Once you arrive waddle to the “top” of the island and build the beacon. To build the beacon simply click the materials 4 times.

Congratulations! You’ve completed Rockhopper’s Quest! There’s not much to do at the Shipwreck Island unless you are a member. If you are a member on Club Penguin, Go to the Vikings Cave. There you will find a Special Item Called: “The Viking Lord Helmet” and armor! Here’s how the Viking’s cave looks like:

you complete Rockhopper’s Quest you can always visit these islands again by simply going into the Migrator clicking the map in the right of your screen.

Also, you can also see the Shipwreck’s Island beacon if you go to Club Penguin’s beacon and click the telescope. Take a look:

How cool is that, Are you enjoying Rockhopper’s Quest on Club Penguin??. Send A Comment if you are Enjoying Rockhopper’s Quest :D. Waddle On!!!

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Club Penguin Rockhopper’s Quest Youtube Background 2012!

Hey Penguins! Today, While i was on Club Penguin’s Youtube Channel, I notice that Club Penguin Youtube Channel has a new Background. Its the Rockhopper’s Quest Youtube Background!!!. Take a look.

Awsome Background!!, I can’t wait for Rockhopper’s Quest Tomorrow :D!!, Are you excited for Rockhopper’s Quest on Club Penguin??. Send A Comment!!. Waddle On!! :D.

~ Mario86385cp

Club Penguin What’s New Blog: Featured Fashions: February 22

Hey Penguins!, Today, Happy77 Posted about the Featured Fashions on Februrary 22, Some Penguins are Dress awsome when the Fashion Show Ended. Take a look.


You nominated some super stylish penguins! Check out some of my favorites:
Pendude2000 said: “I saw this guy Wolf 146, he wears awesome outfits sometimes he wears vampire wizard costumes.”
Wolf 146_2.jpg
Mompenguin95 said: “I think that Natasha53333 has the best outfit ever! You should put her penguin on here too. Please, her outfit ROCKS! I have never seen better.”
Llama Phone said: “I think that A11766 has the best outfit ever! He has mixed new and old together and I think it looks really nice :)”
I agree, Llama Phone! 🙂
Rockhopper’s Quest is just around the corner… Have you seen any pirate outfits yet? Nominate penguins by letting us know their name and what you like best about their style. Stay tuned for more fashions on the blog!
Awsome Outfits, Congrats to Wolf 146, Natasha53333 and A11766 for Awsome Outfits!!!. Also be ready for Rockhopper’s Quest Starting Tomorrow.
NOTE: Scrool Down for Rockhopper Tracker :). Waddle On !!.
~ Mario86385cp

Club Penguin What’s New Blog: Coins For Change Book!

Hey Penguins, Today, Happy77 posted something new on the Club Penguin What’s New Blog, Its about Happy77 Creating a Coins For Change Book and its going to give it out at the Book Room. Look what she says.\


Greetings Penguins!
Happy77 here. Last month we askedyou to tell us what you’d like say to the kids we’re supporting around the world through Coins For Change. We got such great responses from you that we decided to do something really cool…

We’re going to make a book filled with some great comments and artwork we’ve received from you! We’ll be sending copies of the book to schools and libraries we’ve helped build through Coins For Change.
So here’s your chance let kids around the world know you care. Send your message by leaving a comment on this blog post, or send us a picture. We’ll pick a few great comments and pictures to feature in this special book.
Wow, Thats awsome news :D, Im going to Send A Message on the Comments on Club Penguin What’s New Blog and im going to Send a Picture of  Coins For Change Pics!. Waddle On!!
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Club Penguin Rockhopper’s Quest Sneak Peek Video

Hey Penguins! Today, Happy77 Recorded a New Video on their YouTube channel. Happy77 recorded about the Sneak Peek on Club Penguin called: Rockhopper’s Quest. Comming to Club Penguin at Feb.24 2012. Heres the Link for the Video and watch it :D.

Awsome!!, the Migrator turned into Shipwrecked!!. Are you ready for Club Penguin Rockhopper’s Quest???. Send a Comment if you do :). Waddle On!!.

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Club Penguin Rebuilding Sport Shop And New Mascots Are Comming This Year!!

Hey Penguins! On August 3 2012, Theres going to Rebuild the Sports Shop next to the Ski Mountain and New Mascots are Comming Next Year!!!, The wiki tells something about the Recon HQ comming to August 3 2012!!. heres what the Wiki says.


Recon HQ

Recon HQ is a room to be released in August 2012. It is the headquarters of the EPF Recon Team. It is exclusive to Recon agents. There will be a game called Recon Missions. The room features monitors, holographic projection table, jail cell, and Director’s office. It was confirmed in an email to Club Penguin.

This room is the central main hub of the island. It has been confirmed that you will be able to meet Gary here. There will be a free item, the Recon Headset, during the construction event in late July 2012.

The Recon HQ is going to Rebuild next to the Ski Mountain on Club Penguin. Heres a Pic that i took from Wiki.

(Picture Comming Soon)


New Mascots!!:

1. Agent Crash is a penguin who works for the EPF Recon Team. He is the Director’s partner, and will be meetable in the Recon HQ in August 2012. He has supersonic boots, a battle helmet, snowball blaster, and armor. He also has exclusive heat vision goggles. It is possible that he IS the Director. This has not been confirmed yet. Agent Crash has a Brown puffle named Cookie, who might be the Brown Elite puffle.

Heres a Pic of Agent Crash ( Director’s Partner)


Well thats all i got from Wiki, I cant wait for the Recon HQ on August 2012 :D. What do you think about this post?? Send a Comment. Waddle On :D.

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Club Penguin New EPF Message From Gary

Hey Penguins! Today while Logging in to Club Penguin, Gary sent me a EPF Message, Check it out.

Club Penguin EPF Message From Gary

It Says:

Rockhopper has requested my help to upgrade his ship. For now I’ll be assigning orders, but Dot is taking over the Hervert investigation.

It seems that Gary is working on Rockhopper’s Ship (The Migrator) and probably getting it ready for Rockhopper’s Quest which launches on February 24. Gary then goes on to say that Dot will be taking over the Herbert Investigation.

~ Mario86385cp

Club Penguin Igloo Upgrade Catalog Cheats

Hey Penguins! Today, Club Penguin Released something new about the Igloo Upgrade Catalog, It has a ” Shipwrecked Igloo”. Heres the cheats for the Club Penguin Igloo Upgrades Catalog Cheats.

Club Penguin February 2012 Igloo Upgrades Catalog Cheats

1. Click on the horse statue.

You now have the Shadowy Keep igloo.

Club Penguin February 2012 Igloo Upgrades Catalog Cheats

2. Click on the door of the Ice Castle igloo.

You now have the Grey Ice Castle igloo.

Club Penguin February 2012 Igloo Upgrades Catalog Cheats

3. Click on the door of the Deluxe Snow igloo.

You now have the Secret Deluxe Snow igloo.

Club Penguin February 2012 Igloo Upgrades Catalog Cheats

Thats all the cheats and Be Ready to Set Sail on Rockhopper’s Quest on Club Penguin :D. Waddle on!

~ Mario86385cp

Club Penguin Ask Rockhopper!

Hey Penguins! Today, While i was logging in a server on Club Penguin, i checked todays newspaper issue and theres something strange about it, It says: ” Ask Rockhopper”. Maybe Cp Players could ask Rockhopper about Rockhopper Island or something else that you wana say. Check it out.

Cool huh, i think i will ask Rockhopper about Rockhopper’s Island that how you get items on Rockhopper’s Island, what will you ask Rockhopper?, Send A Comment!, Waddle on!

~ Mario86385cp

Club Penguin Rockhopper’s Quest Preparations!

Hey Penguins! Arr, Rockhopper has arrived on Club Penguin and we are getting ready to explore new islands next week on Club Penguin!, But first, We must help Captain Rockhopper modify the Migrator so it can travel far away without any problems.

Since the Migrator is closed due to construction, you can still play “Treasure Hunt” at the Beach.

Club Penguin Updated their Homepage and added a New Log In Screen in celebration of Rockhopper’s Quest :d.

Pretty Cool huh?, Be sure to get ready for Rockhopper’s Quest and Set Sail with the Migrator :D, Have fun :d.

~ Mario86385cp