Hireing: Staff Members and Co owner

Hey guys, I have a annoucement, I need more staff members and co owners. If you want to hire my website, Heres what you can do:

1. Send a comment.

2. Put your penguins name.

3. Your email.

4. And Say: ” yes i want to join”.


– Posted By Mario86385


New Club Penguin Blog: Music Jam Special Announcement

Hey guys, billybob posted this announcement. heres what billybob say.

Hello penguins!

Thanks to you guys, music jam has been awsome this year! it’s so cool to see so many of you dancing the robot and starting up your own bands.

We heard a lot of you don’t want the party to end… you asked… and we’ve listened!


 Guess what… we’re extending music jam for you! Now EVERYONE can party for an extra week!

What do you think about this posts?????.

Post a comment about how are you going to spend an extra party time??.

– Posted By Mario86385

New Club Penguin Coloring Page

Hey guys, The club penguin team put a new coloring page at the club penguin cummunity. check it out.

What do you think about this coloring page???.

Post a comment about this coloring page.

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Club Penguin Reviewing By You: Memories

Hey guys, Billybob posted this reviewing by you blog. Heres what they say.

Hello penguins!

Last week we asked you what your favorate part of music jam was. Heres what Zoeyice Said.

Hey club penguin! i love music jam! my favorate part is how there is so many diffrend styles of music. I also love going to penguin’s own music jams at thier igloos! oh, and i love how the penguin band floats in this year and thier rocking new threads! oh, and i hope to meet cadence and the penguin band! Waddle on!!.

Thanks, zoeyice! glad your enjoying the party.

For this week’s reviewing by you, we’d love to hear about the very first time you logged into club penguin. What do you like the most? Tell us about your first memory at club penguin!.

What do you think about this??????.

Post a comment about your memory at club penguin.

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Club Penguin You Decide: Animal Costume

Hey guys, billybob posted this blog. Heres what they say.

Hello penguins !

While music jam party continues on the island, we thought it was time for something a little diffrend here on the blog.

We wanted to show you a few costumes ideas the teams been working on. we want YOU to decide which items we should make for an event in september!

Vote for your favorate… the team will work on two items that get the most votes.

What do you think about this??.

Post a comment about the new items untill september.

– Posted By Mario86385


New Club Penguin Reviewed By You: Music Jam 2011

Hey guys, billybob posted a new blog says: reviewing by you: music jam 2011. Heres what they say:

Hello penguins!

Last week we asked to tell us about your favorate club penguin song. many of you mentioned The ” Penguin band boogie”. waddleyan1 said:

My favorate song on cp is the penguin band boogie becuse the sound of the music is ROCKING COOL!!!!! WADDLE ON!!!.

p.s penguin band boogie is on dance contest. so anybody can hear it!.

Thanks for your review, waddleyan1! glad to hear that you like the beat boxing, too.

As many of you have probably already notice. Music jam 2011 is on now!. so for this week’s reviewed by you, we want to hear what you like best about the party… What do you like best about music jam?.

What do you think about this???.

Send a comment.

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Club Penguin Music Jam 2011 Cheats.

Hey guys, Im going to show you music jam 2011 cheats.

1. Free item at the cove.

2. Free item at the backstage.

3. Free item at the iceburg.

4.Free items at the ski villige.

5. Free items at the snow forts.

( same thing as the ski villige)

6. New items at the backstage and hidden items.

7. New music floor 3000 at the forts next to the statium.

Thats all for this music jam cheats.

Send a comment, if you like it or not.

– Posted By Mario86385