New Puffle Coming!

The rumor for the NEW puffle……IS TRUE!. Polo Field has released a brand new EXCITING post at the What’s New blog today and he talks about that there is going to be a NEW puffle this month!. Look what he says:

Hello Penguins!

The rumors are true! A new puffle species is coming this month. We can’t say too much yet, but we’ll have more show you soon!

Thoughts? What color species do you think it’ll be?
Waddle on,
-Club Penguin Team
Awesome!. I guess that the new color puffle is Golden or Grey, but let’s find out soon in the future when it releases it or they will have more news about it.
~ Mario86385CP

Club Penguin: What’s New in November 2013!

Polo Field has released a brand new post at the What’s New blog and he is showing everyone about what’s new in November 2013:

Greetings Penguins!

Although I love Halloween, I cannot WAIT for November to get here, because we’ve got some HUGE new things coming! Here are a few ultra-sneaky clues…

Any guesses? Stay tuned to the blog, we’ll have more exciting news coming soon! W00t!

Until then… Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

There are some hard guesses but I guess that Operation: Puffle will be coming i think or not and a New Puffle!. What are your guesses?, leave us a comment!

~ Mario86385CP

Club Penguin ft. Jordan Fisher – It’s Your Birthday! (Official Music Video)

Remember when Polo Field said that they are making a new music video for Club Penguin’s 8th Anniversary Party 2013 called “It’s Your Birthday” by Jordan Fisher?, well, Club Penguin has finally released the official music video on their Youtube Channel. Check it out:

The music video is fantastic!. I see some of the penguins who got featured on that video and some are not, but no worries, you might be get featured in the next 9th Anniversary Party 2014 music video (if they make it) but great video CP! :D. What are your thoughts on this?, leave us a comment!

~ Mario86385CP

New Club Penguin Times Issue #418

Club Penguin has released the brand new issue of the Club Penguin Times at the Club Penguin Island!. It talks about that the Anniversary Party 2013 has arrived!:

It's Been a Great Eight!

Over here, Rookie talks about the Homes of the dark and creepy:

Homes of the Dark and Creepy

Finally, the upcoming events!:

Upcoming Events

Penguin Style starts on Nov.7 and a brand new play at the Stage starts at Nov. 14, cool. What are your thoughts at this post?, leave us a comment!

~ Mario86385CP

Club Penguin 8th Anniversary Party 2013

Club Penguin has finally released the 8th Anniversary Party 2013 and today is Club Penguin’s birthday!. Happy birthday CP lol. Anyways, lets get started on this:

Go in the Coffee Shop and you will see some awesome things here and the Cake!:

Click the Hat to get the 8th Anniversary Hat:

Click “Yes” to get the Hat:

And there you got it!. Even though, you can even check out the Yearbook that’s been released in 2013. Are you having fun at the Anniversary Party 2013?, leave us a comment!

~ Mario86385CP

Club Penguin All Updates – October 2013

Its Thursday, finally!. Club Penguin has released some of the updates today which are the Login screens and maybe some other updates going on CP. Here it is:

Login Screen:

Uhh, i think that’s all the update that they released today except for the Anniversary Party 2013. Questions or thoughts?, send in a comment!

~ Mario86385CP

Club Penguin Exclusive Interview with Jordan Fisher!

Polo Field has released a brand new post at the What’s New blog today and he talks about a exclusive interview with Jordan Fisher!. Look what he says:

Hey Penguins!

Earlier this week we told you about a brand new song that we’re working on called “It’s Your Birthday!” We asked our friend Jordan Fisher to sing lead vocals on the new track in honor of Club Penguin’s 8th anniversary!

We spoke with Jordan about making music, his favorite Club Penguin memories, and his upcoming volunteer trip to Ecuador.

What are your favorite things about Club Penguin?
Personally…I love the social aspect of the game. The fact that it’s truly such a safe way for friends to meet up and play some games together after school is way cool.

How did you get to where you are?
To shorten a VERY long story…I fell in love with theatre first. It was something brand new and exciting to me growing up as a gymnast…that was all I knew. As much as I love the sport, I could quickly tell that I was more passionate about performing. Started acting, singing, and dancing simultaneously…met my eventual manager at a workshop in Birmingham, AL (my hometown)…started making trips back and forth between AL and LA auditioning for TV/Film…fell in love with TV/Film…eventually started working on TV/Film…eventually started writing and recording music…bada-bing bada-boom…I now reside in Los Angeles full-time as an actor/artist! Love it dearly. 🙂

What cool projects are you working on now?
Well, lately, music has been a huge part of my life. I’ve been in the studio heaps over the last year, writing and recording with some incredible producers.

My debut single “By Your Side” will actually be played for the first time on Radio Disney this Friday! Look out for it. 😉

We hear you’re going on a volunteer trip to Ecuador. Could you tell us more about it and how you got involved?
I sure am! I’m SO excited about it. We’ll be in Ecuador for eight days working with a beautiful community to help build classrooms, tend to farms, and workshop with artisan groups among many other things. Words can’t express how humbled and overjoyed I am to be a part of this experience. My flight couldn’t come any sooner!

1999bloo asks: What was your penguin name?
To be honest…I can’t remember my old Penguin’s name. Although, my NEW Penguin’s name is Soraxas! It’s a fusion of two characters from my all-time favorite game, Kingdom Hearts. 🙂 Also…just a little trivia…my dog’s name is Sora as well!

Srijanrocks2 asks: What was your first ever Club Penguin party?
The Christmas Party in 2005 was my very first party on Club Penguin! It’s my favorite Holiday of the year. I actually start listening to Christmas music on Nov. 1st every year to get amped up and in the spirit. 🙂

Lorenzo31178 asks: What was your favorite party on Club Penguin?
The Teen Beach Summer Jam was super cool to me for obvious reasons. The fact that I played Club Penguin close to the very beginning and then had costumes modeled after my character in “Teen Beach Movie” some years later is still wonderfully strange. Haha 🙂

Boba 126 asks: What was it like creating the birthday track for Club Penguin?
It was AWESOME! I got to meet a few kids that day that all play Club Penguin as well. Had a blast!

Tech70 asks: What is your favorite Club Penguin mascot?
SENSEI. My friends and I played this ninja game that we made up pretty frequently. Being the smallest and youngest of my friends at the time, we all thought it would be funny to make me the “ninja master”, so I would always walk around with my hands behind my back or with a cool walking stick that I would find calling everyone “grasshopper”…so when I met Sensei in CP for the first time when he was digging out the Dojo, I flipped out!

Ds Fan13 asks: If you could become one of the main Club Penguin characters, who would it be and why?
Jet Pack Guy for a few reasons..
A) He has a jetpack.
B) He ALWAYS has his jetpack (and shades, of course).
C) He seems like a pretty cool guy, but can also take care of business when he needs to.
D) My mode of transportation is my car…his is…A JETPACK!!!

Thanks for answering our questions, Jordan!

Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

Oh look, it looks like 1999bloo’s question for Jordan Fisher got featured on the post, congrats 1999bloo! :D. Well, it looks like that Jordan Fisher is an awesome guy heh?. What are your thoughts?, leave us a comment!

Club Penguin UK – Daffo’s Halloween Party Prank!

Club Penguin’s official Youtube channel has uploaded a brand new video today that’s about Daffo’s Halloween Party Prank and a video about, Daffo pranks some of the CP Team!. Check it out:

It looks like that Daffo has scared some of the CP Team, Polo and Ninja!. She must be good at scaring people lol. What are your thoughts?, leave us a comment!

~ Mario86385CP

Club Penguin: Birthday Music Video – Get Involved!

Polo Field has released a brand new post at the What’s New blog today and he talks about that he needs help making a Birthday Music Video for the Club Penguin’s 8th Anniversary Party, so penguins are going to help him. Look what he says:

Hello Penguins!

It’s almost time for Club Penguin’s birthday! We’re working on a new music video today for a song called “It’s Your Birthday!” And we need your help.

We want to have a bunch of penguins with party outfits and party hats in our video! Here’s what you could do to get involved:

1) Dress up your penguin with a party outfit and an Anniversary Hat or Birthday Hat
2) Reply to this blog post (leave a comment)
3) We’ll randomly select a few outfits from the commenters to be featured in the video Ninja is working on right now!

Plus we’re also going to film some video footage in the Coffee Shop today at 12:15pm Penguin Standard Time. Another chance to get involved!

We’re going to pretend we’re at the Anniversary Party, so be ready to role-play! We’ll be on the server Marshmallow then — hope to see you there!

Until then… Waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team

Hmm, i think i’ll be there!. I’m super excited to be on the Music Video, i mean EVERYONE on the Music Video with Polo Field!. Are you excited?, leave us a comment!

~ Mario86385CP