Club Penguin Rockhopper Tracker 100%

Hey guys, Instead of the old tracker, I just need to copy and paste the trackers from becuse it has awsome best trackers. Heres rockhopper tracker.

Note: REFRESH this website for rockhopper’s lastest location :).

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Club Penguin Puffle Pack 3 toys

Hey guys, Theres a new toy in club penguin, its the puffle pack 3 toys, heres the toys.

New Puffle 3 Pack

Send a comment if you liked it.

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Club Penguin Issue # 309

Hey guys, The club penguin times is here and the fall fair is too. Heres the newspaper issue.

Upcomming events:

Starting now: Fall fair 2011 begins.

Starting now: Rockhopper visits the fall fair with rockhopper’s rare items.

Sep. 29: New prize booth at the forest.

October 6: New pin and october clothing item catalog 2011.

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Club Penguin Fall Fair Cheats 2011

Hey guys, Its time for Fall Fair Cheats, Heres the cheats that you could help finding them.

Heres the cheats for fall fair 2011.

1. Items for Non-members, More items comming soon.

2. Rockhopper’s Rare Items.

Heres the Mini Games for the Fall Fair.

1. Spin to win ( Dock )

2. Ring the bell ( Dock )

3. Puffle Shuffle ( Dock )

4. Puffle soaker ( Snow forts at the bonus game room )

5. Balloon pop ( Snow forts at the bonus game room )

6. Feed a puffle ( Cove )

7. Memory card game ( Forest )

8. Puffle paddle ( Forest )

If you play a mini game, It will say this:

If you log off with tickets, You will lose them, Make sure you buy a prize before you log off.

Heres the Members Prize  item booth.

Thats all the cheats, and have fun at the fall fair :D.

– Posted By Mario86385

Club Penguin Rockhopper Tracker 2011 Fall Fair!

Hey guys, rockhopper is back and the fall fair is back too. Ready to find rockhopper :D, Ok heres the rockhopper tracker.

1. Rockhopper is a red penguin with black beard and a pirate hat.

2. To find rockhopper, Rockhopper visits servers like: Blizzard, Mammoth and Frozen, Check these servers first, If not, Go to for the lastest rockhopper tracker. ( Follow me at twitter )

3. Rockhopper Changes servers for 20 or 25 minutes, Refresh the page for the lastest location.

4. Rockhopper usually Logs in into Crowed servers during peek of hours a day, Rockhopper visits a less crowed servers during hours when less penguins are online.

5. Rockhopper could visit rooms like: the migrator, pizza parlor, dock, beach and cove.

6. If you spotted rockhopper, Click on your buddys list and click Users in room Botton, Click Rockhopper and click to get a free Rockhopper background player card gift.

7. If rockhopper is leaving a server, You better track for rockhopper FAST, Go to my website for any update for rockhopper tracker.

8. To find rockhopper Very Easy, Visit or To Track for rockhopper.

Club Penguin Issue #308

Hey guys, Theres a new newspaper issue on club penguin, Check it out.

Upcomming events are:

Fair construction, Starting now

The fair, starting september 22

Member prize booth, starting september 29

Starting september 22: Rockhopper arrives for the fair.

– Posted By Mario86385