Graphic Store GFX

Greetings! This page is the Graphics Store GFX.

In this page, you can order your graphic or pick-up your graphic items here!

NOTE: If you have any questions, leave us a comment!

To ORDER your Graphic(s), SEND A COMMENT to order your graphic item(s).

NOTE: ONLY 1 or 2 people could ORDER these graphics 🙂

Limited Time Only 

All these Graphic items are now required FREE for everyone UNTIL June 12, 2015.


  • Custom Stamps: FREE!
  • Twitter Icons: FREE!
  • Header: FREE!
  • Custom Penguins: FREE!
  • Penguin Cutouts: FREE!

(More items comming soon) :D.


Graphic Shop Pick-Up Page:


1. Custom Penguin for Red Luver Ch:

Custom Penguin

2. Cutout Penguin for Paperback3:

Cutout Penguin

2. Xat Icon for Smexylexi:


To get this item, Click the Right mouse and click ”Save Picture As” and then you got it. Or “Copy & Paste” to use it for your awesome Blog :D.


135 comments on “Graphic Store GFX

    • Oh… well, how about a red pemguin, the fever hair and the reporter outfit? They’re all in the penguin style catalouge.

  1. Hi,
    It’s Batreeqah.
    Thanks for your graphic.
    Can I have 2 stuff?
    #1:Batreeqah At CP (In Club Penguin Text)
    #2: I added you. I am Batreeqah. Can you check your friends list and I have certain items on.
    Can you put those items on a penguin and make the penguin wave?
    When you are done please e-mail me at and send me the “LINK” to the image.

  2. Remaining requests: “2”
    You know how I added you?
    Check my player card and make me a penguin like this one (please).
    Except can I have it in full version.
    (Not to big please).
    Thank you.
    Please d-mail any replies.

    Did you know how I showed you a picture?
    Can I have it in a “RED” penguin colour.
    Without background and pins.

  4. Can you make me something?
    Make it have a picture of Gizmo and beside it is a Creeper from Minecraft. Make the Gizmo and creeper above, and make it say ‘Minecraft meets CP’ below it. If you can’t make that, make a red penguin with a beta hat and a Major Tunage Outfit and the Anti Lava Boots. make it say nothing

  5. Can I get A Custom Penguin we are buddies and this is the hair i want : the first on with the brown hair and i want a plane shirt that says cp my way and shoes are any kind of purple shoes and the 3 d classes and a grey cape and is it possible you can make a logo for me that says club penguin my way its for my website i will give you credit for the logo and the custom penguin oh and the background for my custom penguin i want the dock background and black head phones thanks! I really hope you can make it for me!

  6. uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh do you know anyone who does logos like the club penguin logo that looks like that but says club penguin my way and did you forget about the banner? If you forgot don’t worry I don’t need it but I do need it lol I just don’t want to bother you! Thanks so much for the Custom Penguin!
    ~Chris Dog90

  7. Yea that’s fine! Can you do that too? can you spread the word about only about 5 people go on my blog :0 You don’t have to! and when do you want the cj code do I email you the code?

  8. Yay it’s the 27th
    Can I have a custom stamp. Backround blue, penguin brown, head item sunstricker, face item black superhero mask, neck item white pearl necklace, feet black sneakers. Thanks!

  9. Dude, In pick up, I cant even see the picture. Its just blank. When I click it, it says “404 File not found” I cant save it either?

  10. Um, why is my penguin shirtless…? You expect me to use this icon, sorry but your website is unprofessional. You got most of the items wrong, I’m never coming to this website again. I won’t recommend this website to anyone. I’m giving you advice here, so don’t come and yell at me because I won’t be coming here anymore. I can see why you don’t have any traffic here.

  11. Can I have a custom penguin with the following:

    Head: The Tuned In

    Face: Designer Glasses

    Neck: Bronze Music Necklace

    Body: Rhythm and Purple Blues

    Hand: Off the Cuff

    Feet: Running Shoes

    Penguin Color: Light Blue

  12. Hi, i’m Paperback3. I really would like it if you could make me a cutout of my penguin. Here’s my penguin’s discription:

    Head Item: Red Circus Ring Leader Top Hat
    Neck item: none
    Body item: Green Hawiian Shirt
    Hand item: none
    Feet item: none
    Color Green

  13. Hello! I would like to order a cutout penguin please!

    Head Item: The blonde wig with the blue butterfly
    Face Item: White diva glasses
    Neck Item: Pearl Necklace
    Body Item: Black Hoodie
    Hand Item: Yellow star magic wand
    Feet Item: Red and white Sneakers
    Color: Brown

    Here’s a picture of my penguin including the name for reference:

    Thank You!

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