New Club Penguin Times Issue #501

Club Penguin released a new issue of the CP Times. This week’s issue talks about that there’s a new room that’s coming to Club Penguin in June 2015. It’s the Puffle Berry Mall and yes, it’s replacing the Stage, sadly. ūüė¶

It seems that Sensei is enjoying the Fair:

Upcoming events!

Anyways, the Puffle Berry Mall will open its grand opening in June 2015 and will replace the Stage.

~ Mario86385CP


HUGE Upcoming Events/Updates For June 2015!!

This post is gonna be a surprising BLAST for you all. This post contains a list of upcoming events/updates that will be released ONLY on June 2015.

On the CP blog, Megg released a new post about the upcoming events and updates for June 2015. Check it out:

What you see there is a calendar of upcoming events and updates that will be updated on June 2015. I know you guys feel surprising BUT it is surprising. So, HERE WE GO! ūüėÄ

June 4: Mall opens as the grand opening. The Stage will be sadly removed.

June 10: Sled Racer challenge!

June 11: EPF Training Missions 1-4

June 14: Buy a gift for dad!

June 17: CP Blog gets a whole new look! ūüėģ

June 18: EPF Training Missions 5-8

June 18-24: Surprise royal items for everyone only on the Club Penguin App.

June 21: Fathers Day

June 24: Special Studio Guest and Bday Celebration!

June 25: EPF Training Misisons 9-11

June 26: Royal themed meet-up on CP App

June 29: July party announcement! 

June 30: Complete EPF Training Missions!

~ Mario86385CP

New Unreleased Club Penguin Pin Sneak Peek – May 2015

Greetings, I have found a new unreleased Club Penguin pin that MAYBE will be released for the next update. The pin is called¬†Dragon and… Here’s the sneak peek of it:

Since the Fair 2015 is continuing next week, I am guessing that the pin will be placed on the Medieval park called¬†Ye Olde Castle¬†that the “Dragon” pin is medieval based. So yeah.

~ Mario86385CP

Spike Hike Mentions The #SuperSecretProject – Details

On Twitter, Spike Hike (@SpikeHikeCP) has quite mentioned this “Super Secret Project” that Club Penguin will be having this year.

Some players, including me, were thinking this #supersecretproject is actually CPNEXT, a new technology being experimented by the Team. But WE ARE NOT sure if it is CPNEXT.

On the Tweet that Spike posted today, the project is going well:

Here are more Tweets involved on the project:

Well, could this project be released anytime soon? And yes, I know the tweet above is released on Feb 1 but it feels like evidence of this project.

Check out Club Penguin Wikipedia about¬†CPNEXT for more info of this. If you don’t know what’s CPNEXT, then check that out also.

Stay tuned for more posts related to this one and I’ll catch you up with some more CPNEXT or #supersecretproject posts.

~ Mario86385CP

The Fair 2015 Walkthrough

Club Penguin have finally released the Fair 2015 at the Club Penguin Island. Now there are 2 parties going on right now, the Rainbow Party 2015. One party at the App and the other at the normal Club Penguin computer version. Let’s start by clicking the¬†Read More… button below.

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Club Penguin Rainbow Party 2015 

Club Penguin released the Rainbow Party 2015 (if it’s not the name of the party, then my mistake). The party is quite about the Rainbow Puffles being free to adopt for everyone maybe.

The event starts ONLY on the Club Penguin App since the other party that’s released (The Fair 2015) is on the computer version. This Rainbow Party is from the Club Penguin App version, so let’s see what’s in it.

When logging in, you noticed the new design that CP did for the App, check it out:

Ok let’s continue, as you login to CP on the App, PH will talk to you. After your done, your rewarded a daily free item:

Rainbow Puffles are now adoptable for free for everyone. You’ll see those cannons at Town and Plaza to launch up on the clouds. Here’s the Town for example and you’ll see the cannon on the right side:

  When you click it, it launches you up the Cloud to adopt it:

Once your there, click the group Rainbow Puffles to adopt. Remember, it’s free (but LIMITED TIME):

Now you can name it:

   After you named it, well, no quests or anything around. It’s just decorative rooms everywhere. Here are the rooms that are decorated:


And that’s all. What do you guys think about the event?

~ Mario86385CP 

Meet Aunt Arctic On Club Penguin To Celebrate 500 Issues Of The Club Penguin Times!

Yup, they made it to 500 issues of the Club Penguin Times! Can’t you believe that? That number is exactly BIG for tons and tons and tons of CP Times issues that had been released. So guess what, Aunt Arctic will be meetable at the Club Penguin Island to celebrate the 500 issues of the CP Times!

Remember that Megg have released a new post on the CP Blog about the server and time that Aunt Arctic will be on. Here are the dates and servers:

Thursday, May 21
 * 9:00am on the server Chinook
Friday, May 22
 * 10:30am on the server Jack Frost
Saturday, May 23
 * 5:30pm on the server Mittens
Sunday, May 24
 * 3:30pm on the server Wool Socks
Monday, May 25
 * 10:00am on the server Cozy
Tuesday, May 26
 * 11:00am on the server Crystal
Wednesday, May 27
 * 3:30pm on the server Iceland
Be sure you check the CP Clock at the Snow Forts to see if the time is right.

~ Mario86385CP

Check Out This Completely Puffle Poster By Club Penguin!

Greetings, Club Penguin uploaded an image on Twitter. It shows a Puffle poster with lots of puffles. It’s like a list of different Puffles that’s in Club Penguin. I wanted to make this post just for sharing it with you, just in case if you don’t have a Twitter. So, here it is:

The list is huge, so I’m going to break it down, image by image:

Hmm, unreleased puffles heh?

Sorry if the poster is blurry, due to the poster is large. But what do you think of it?

~ Mario86385CP

New Club Penguin Times Issue #499

Wow it’s issue #499 and VERY VERY¬†CLOSE TO¬†#500!

Club Penguin have released its #499th issue of the CP Times. It talks about Shadow Guy & Gamma Gal returns to the Island as a Stage play and other news going on.

History of The Fair! Way back in 2014 I see…

Upcoming events. Marvel costumes are back, YES!

May 21 is Comics (more like Comic-Con lol) and a new room?! The Amazement Park? I wonder if its permanent or not. We’ll see.

Check out this awesome Club Penguin Fan Art by Coloriage: *claps*

~ Mario86385CP

New This Week’s Club Penguin Updated Updates – May 2015

Sorry for the late post everyone. Well, Club Penguin have released some of the newest updates for this week including a new pin for example. Here’s the list below:

– New Pixel Pin:

– New EPF Message By Gary:

– New CP Times Issue #499

– Squidzoid & Gamma Gal Returns To Stage Play:

And that’s it. If I’m missing something, please leave us a comment. Thanks!

~ Mario86385CP