New Club Penguin Times Issue #436

Club Penguin have released the newest issue to the Club Penguin Times today and it’s all related to the Fair 2014 and also the Penguin Band:

Penguin Band Interview

Over here, a letter from Rookie to Capt. Rockhopper:

Rookie Letter From Rockhopper

Finally, the upcoming events:

Upcoming Events Feb. 26, 2014

Did i just heard “CP Air igloos” sounds awesome though. Hope there will be some PIE! lol. What are your thoughts? Leave us a comment.

~ Mario86385CP


New Club Penguin Times Issue #435

Club Penguin have released the newest issue of the Club Penguin Times today which it is about the Fair 2014:

Over here, Tourdude talks about the rooms of the Fair 2014:

Finally, the upcoming events:

What do you think about the Fair 2014 so far? Leave us a comment.

~ Mario86385CP

Club Penguin – The Fair 2014 Walkthrough

Club Penguin have finally released this months Club Penguin party also known as the Fair 2014. It have been returned since idk what year lol but here are the walkthrough. By logging in to Club Penguin, Rookie appears talking to you:

Click the “OK” button to continue and then, the Ticket icon goes to the upper right corner (next to the “M” Badge). Now, click the Ticket to see the Fair catalog:

To get silver tickets, items or coins, head over to the Daily Spin and Rookie will talk to you:

Click “OK” to begin, to do this, you have to click and drag the arrow that’s pointing down, like this one:

Click and drag it to let it spin to get your reward. After you finished, you get coins, items OR silver tickets which it is coins too. Ok, to get Tickets, you have to play one of the Fair games at igloo, or at Island. Here are one of the rooms for members:

Marooned Lagoon:

Room Tip: Shoot one of those targets to get Fair tickets.


Buccaneer Boats:


Galaxy Park:

There are so many games here to earn Tickets.


The Space Squid:

And finally, the Penguin Band is also preforming the Fair 2014. To find the stage were they are preforming, you go to the Main room of the Fair 2014. Check it out:

Click them for a free background gift! So what do you like about the Fair 2014?, leave us a comment.

~ Mario86385CP

The Penguin Band Not Waddle Around During The Fair 2014?

The Penguin Band have not been seen on the Island since the¬†Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam¬†party on 2012. Well, Polo Field have released some of the Q & A on Twitter which it is also known as “#AskPolo” and he said that the Penguin Band will NOT be waddling around during the Fair 2014. Look what he said:

The Penguin Band is only going to be preforming on the Stage during the Fair 2014 but not waddling around. So what do you think they will be coming?. Leave us a comment.

~ Mario86385CP

Club Penguin Music Jam Returning This Year?

On Twitter, some people have asked Polo Field on #AskPolo about some events or anything that’s gonna happen soon on Club Penguin. Well, Polo Field have confirmed that the Music Jam is returning this year:

Well, i wonder when it is going to be released. I guess somewhere in summer right?

~ Mario86385CP

Club Penguin The Fair 2014 Sneak Peek Video

Club Penguin have released a new video that it is now featured on Youtube and there showing us a sneak peek of the Fair 2014:

Wow, it looks awesome. Well, speaking about the Fair and all of those sneak peeks, are you excited for it?. Leave us a comment.

~ Mario86385CP

Club Penguin: Arcade Machine Missing From The Dance Lounge

This is breaking news, the Arcade machine from the Dance Lounge (located inside the Night Club) have been missing! Could this be something about the Fair 2014?. Check it out:

I have a feeling that the missing Arcade machine could be used as a new game for the Fair 2014 right?. Well i’m not sure what’s gonna do with that. What are your thoughts on this report?, feel free to leave us a comment.

~ Mario86385CP

New Club Penguin EPF Message By Gary – February 2014

Club Penguin have released a brand new EPF message by Gary the Gadget Guy on everyone’s EPF spy phone today. Let’s see what he said:

“An arcade machine has gone missing from the Lounge. There is a 27.84% chance it will explode if plugged in. Inform me if anyone sees it.”

Well that’s weird. Someone might have took it to do something for the Fair like putting on new games in it but if they plugged it in, it explodes..O.O. What would it happen to that machine stolen?, leave us a comment.

~ Mario86385CP