Club Penguin: Best of 2014 – Favorite Party – December 2014

Today, Megg have released a brand new post at the CP Blog talking about the Best Of 2014 Favorite Party. Look what she says:

Wow, only one more day until we begin a new year filled with new adventures. And of course, only one more day until the release of our Best of 2014 Mashup video!

Ready for our last question? Before I ask, here are some comments from our previous post about your favorite song of 2014:

Spooky: My fave song of 2014 was Best Day Ever, as it taught me that anything is possible , even the best day ever.

Penguincam04: Mine was “Rock The Boat” during the Music Jam! DROP DOWN THE BEAT! XD

Spark2207: Gotta be The Puffle Shuffle from the end of We Wish You A Merry Walrus. This song has 2 of my favorite things on CP: Cadence, And Puffles.

Alright! Now let’s hear it – what was your, could not get enough of-wish it lasted longer-all-time favorite party of 2014?

Waddle on,

-Club Penguin Team

The Penguin Cup 2014 party went pretty well with the new look of the Soccer Stadium and new features in it and the Muppets World Tour Takeover went pretty well also with traveling new rooms with different countries. I might go for the Penguin Cup party because of the celebration of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, so…. yeah. Oh, and the Club Penguin Best Of 2014 Mashup Video will release tomorrow as well. Excited? Leave us a comment.

~ Mario86385CP


Club Penguin: Membership Page Updated – December 2014

Club Penguin have updated the membership page in which they updated the Only Members Can… section that have the Star Wars Rebels Takeover 2015 info. Check it out:

SURPRISED? Yeah I know what it is like without a membership but on the bright side, maybe there is something free during that Takeover. Like something awesome. Thoughts? Leave us a comment.

~ Mario86385CP

New Club Penguin Times Issue #480

Since the Merry Walrus 2014 ended, Club Penguin have released a brand new issue of the CP Times today. This weeks issue talks about the New Years! As you may know, the year 2014 have come to an end and a new year will rise tomorrow night. Check it out:

The Migrator have been built with a new look but the full ship itself doesn’t show though:

The upcoming events:

Excited for tomorrow? Leave us a comment.

~ Mario86385CP

There WILL Be Fireworks At The Iceberg For The New Years Eve!

Club Penguin have confirmed on Twitter that there WILL be fireworks on December 31st, 2014 at the Iceberg during the New Years Eve! Imagine no fireworks happening on CP, that would be terrible! Check out the tweet and video:

And the video on YouTube:

It all starts on December 31, 2014 during New Years Eve! What are your thoughts? Leave us a comment and Merry Christmas!

~ Mario86385CP

New Club Penguin Times Issue #479

Club Penguin have released a brand new issue of the CP Times very early today instead of tomorrow lol. In this week’s issue, ti talks about Crystal Puffles and other news going on the Island.

Aunt Arctic is interviewing Merry Walrus:

Upcoming events:

And check out this new comic that they have released to the issue, lol:

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve so Merry Christmas everyone!

~ Mario86385CP

Club Penguin Merry Walrus 2014 – Final Quest: 6 Crystals + Blue Crystal Puffle!

Greetings, this is the final quest for the Merry Walrus 2014 and there is something special in this one. Once you finished it, there is a surprise to adopt as a pet!

First off, open up the quest list and head to the final quest:

Ok, all you have to do is find all the 6 crystals around the Island. Here are the list of the locations:

Town Central




Mine Shack






After you collected all 6 crystals, you will be automatically teleported to a different Iceberg and there, you’ll find yourself with Merry Walrus. He will talk to you:

Click OK and collect your prize and your blue crystal Puffle (Members only)!

And that is all! All the quests are completed and your now free from quests lol. Enjoy and Merry Walrus!

~ Mario86385CP



Polo Field Hints A New Club Penguin Party Coming Soon On February 2015?

On Twitter, Polo Field have released a tweet saying about a new party that’s going to be released on February 2015 but it’s not the Fair. What could it be? Look at the tweet:

Nahh, it could not be Star Wars Rebels on February because Star Wars Rebels is confirmed to be on January. But on February, it could be something else than the Fair 2015. What do you guys think what it is? Leave us a comment.

~ Mario86385CP