Club Penguin Issue: 304

Hey guys, I went to cp and theres a new newspaper issue now. check it out.










Club Penguin Newspaper Issue #302

Hey guys, Yesterday was the new Newspaper issue, Check it out the Newspaper issue.

Thats wierd, Theres a crab hiding in the bushes. Whats gona happen after they starts the snow race party???.

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Posted By Mario86385

Club Penguin Snow Race Catalog Cheats

Hey guys, the snow race is comming and theres new snow race items at the catalog, Heres the cheats for the catalog.

Heres the cover for the catalog.

1. Click on the tree at the left side. You’ll get a Summit boots

2. Click the tree on the right side. You’ll get The Gnarly Helmet.

Thats all the cheats for today.

– Posted By Mario86385