New Club Penguin Adventure Party Postcards

Hey guys, club penguin relised a new postcards from adventure party, check them out.

Screen shot 2011 07 21 at 10.24.17 AM Β« Club Penguin Cheats

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Club Penguin New Music Maestro Stamp!

Hey guys, Cp has relised a new stamp called music maestro, check it out.

I got that stamp too.

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Club Penguin Reviewed By You: Island Adventure!

Hey guys, island adventure is already here πŸ˜€ and billybob posted this reviewed by you blog, Heres what billybob says:.

Hello penguins!

Last week, we asked you about Your adventures with your friends in club penguin. Our team was absolutely thrilled with your stories! Heres what lily2722 told us:

My favorate adventure was way back in march, The expedition party, when we were lost in the forest, But to my surprise, Once you finished the leafy maze and fixed the contraption, We sailed across the lake and came to the brown puffle’s hidden cave! This is was my defilitely my favorate party!

Totaly, lilly2722. Finding the brown puffle was defilitely something to remember!


Speaking of parties… The island adventure is here! So this week, we’d like to hear your stories about pirates, mermaids, castaways…What is your favorate part of the party?

Write your review as a short comment (50-75 words, Please!) we’ll pick one comment in feature in next week’s reviewed by you. If your review is featured next week, we’ll add 10,000 coins to your account.

Don’t forget your penguins name so we can add the coins!.

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Post a comment about to write a story about pirates, mermaids, cataways AND whats your favorate part of the party!!!!!.

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Club Penguin Rockhopper Tracker July 2011

Hey guys, rockhopper arrives on the island today and adventure party is here today. Check out rockhoppers tracker 2011.

Rockhopper Tracker

Heres tips to find and track rockhopper

Rockhopper Tracker

1. rockhopper switches servers and rooms in every 2-3 minutes and i update the tracker every time i find him, so make sure you refresh website for his lastest location.

2. Rockhopper usually logs on to crowed servers during the day and less crowed servers during the night.

3. If you notice a server thats not usually crowed and then suddenly gets crowed, check that server and mostly liked rockhopper will be there.

4. People who say: ”ROCKHOPPER IS ON MAMMOTH, ROCKHOPPER IS ON YETI” Are lieing because they dont want the room to get full and they keep them less crowed, DONT BELIEVE THEM.

5. Rockhopper is a red penguin with Black beard and a pirate hat.

6. Come and chat with us to find and track rockhopper at

7. Whenever rockhopper spotted on club penguin, Mario86385 is going to chat or twitter to tell them that i spotted rockhopper.

Go on this chat to find and track rockhopper πŸ˜€

Mario86385’s Adventure Party CANCELLED

Hey guys, I have a party on cp but I have cancelled the party :(.





We have cancelled the party becuse everybody doeznt come to my party and thats bad right??.

So we’ll do another party next week πŸ˜€


Club Penguin Blog: Your amazing igloos This week!

Hey guys, happy77 posted a video about amazing igloos this week. heres what they say.

Greetings Penguins!

Happy77 here. When i was online, i notice some really fabulous igloos that i just had to share with you! Check them out:

It would be fun to show everybody the kind of awsome igloos you guys have been creating! let me know what igloos you’ve seen online that you think everyone should see on this blog. Post your friends penguins name in the comments below, along withΒ a reason why you like it. we’ll take a look and post a few next week!.

Should happy77 look at your awsome igloos for the blog??

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Club Penguin Reviewed By You: Adventure!

Hey guys, Billybob posted the reviewing by you blog, heres what they say.

Hello penguins!

Wow, it’s hard to believe how many commments we got from last’s week reviewed by you! it was awsome to hear about all helpful friends you’ve met on club penguin. Here’s one great comment from Jellybug2000:

Some one who has been helpful to me has been one of my good friends Jennatic. She showed me around club penguin and she helped me with quest along the way! We have done everything together and she is supportive to other people and follows all of the rules! Plus, she loves to help people with pins and stamps! I hope she gets the 10,000 coins becuse I think she had a great job! Waddle on cp!

Thanks for your review, Jellybug2000… and thanks to jennatic for being a great friend! helpful friends make club penguin better for everybody.


This week, We’d love to hear about how you create adventures around the island… What’s been your favorate adventure with friends on club penguin so far?

What do you think about this????.

Post a comment about how you create adventures on the island.

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