Club Penguin OFFICIAL TEASER – Too Soon! + The Muppets?!

Club Penguin have released a new video on Youtube which it is about a video that’s called, “Too Soon!” and it is an official TEASER of what’s coming soon to Club Penguin. Check it out:

After you saw the complete video, i have saw Kermit the Frog watching something on the laptop, could this mean that there is a takeover about the Muppets or just an advertisement of the “Muppets Most Wanted” movie?, what do you guys think of what could it be?, leave us a comment.

~ Mario86385CP


New Club Penguin Times Issue #432

Club Penguin have released a brand new issue to the Club Penguin Times on the Club Penguin Island today and it talks about Dino Puffles and some other exciting news going on:

Over here, Gary talks about, introducing everyone to his Dino Puffle pet, Darwin:

Finally, the upcoming events and RUMORS! :O:

Did i just saw that there’s RUMORS on Club Penguin?!, hmm, rumors at the Iceberg, it could be something strange that’s happening at the Iceberg but i don’t know what it is. Do you know?, leave us a comment.

~ Mario86385CP

Club Penguin: Billybob in Kenya!

It seems that Billybob is in Kenya for a visiting trip and the people in Kenya have more schools now because of the Coins for Change that Club Penguin have done. Check out what Billybob said on the brand new post that have been released at the What’s New blog:

Hello Penguins!
I know Coins for Change has come and gone, but I wanted to share an awesome trip I took recently to see the incredible work you contribute to every year.
By buying memberships and giving to Coins for Change, you guys have helped build a ton of schools across the world. One of the places is in a country called Kenya in Africa. Through your support, hundreds of kids are able to go to school. I got to visit the schools, play soccer with the kids there and see first hand the amazing work Club Penguin has done. They even gave us a goat as a “Thank You” gift!
It was awesome to see how much better their lives are because of you! So keep up the good work!
Until then,
Waddle on!
That’s awesome, Club Penguin, also the CP players, have done very awesome at Coins For Change for the people of Kenya to have more schools to learn and everything that helped Kenya even better too :D.
~ Mario86385CP

Club Penguin: The Fair 2014 Sneak Peek + Coming Soon

Polo Field have released a brand new post at the What’s New blog and it talks about that the The Fair 2014 is coming soon to the Club Penguin Island and a sneak peek of it. Look what he says:

That’s right! The Fair returns to Club Penguin in February.
We know how much everyone enjoys this party and winning those tickets. So, we’ve got some returning goodies, as well as some amazing new features!
Here’s a little look at what the team is working on:

Stay tuned, we’ve got more info and a sneak peek coming soon!
Waddle On!
-Club Penguin Team
Looks pretty awesome, i guess it is like something to do with mermaids because i see penguins in mermaids right?, or i’m not sure what’s gonna happen in there but we’ll find out soon.
~ Mario86385CP

Igloo Backyards Are Now Released To Club Penguin!

Club Penguin have finally released the igloo backyards for your Puffles!. Now you can hold up to 40 puffles in your backyard, how great is that!. Check it out:

To go to your backyard, simply go to your igloo and click this:

And your there!

Currently empty lol, but it is great for your puffles though.

~ Mario86385CP

Club Penguin Prehistoric Party 2014 Walkthrough – January 2014

Club Penguin have finally released the Prehistoric Party 2014 just like last year’s party but this time, it will be even different because of the Dino Puffles and some other cool items. Anyway, lets start. As you may notice when you log in to a server, this will be shown:

Next, Gary will talk to you about what to do during the Prehistoric:

Then click the next button (–>) to resume talking:

After your done talking, click “Time Warp!” to begin. When you clicked it, Gary will talk to you again about Dino Eggs:

Click “OK” if you wanna resume and there, you got the Egg icon that’s on your top right. Now, if you want some Dino Details, click the Egg:

Ok lets continue, now you have to find a digging spot to dig for eggs in order to get Dino eggs, click this:

And it will appear a Minigame to dig for Dino/Puffle eggs:

After your done digging for eggs, now Gary will talk to you:

Then click “UGG UGG!!” to continue, now, according to the Dino Details, when you have collected an Dino Puffle egg on that Minigame, you could unlock a free item which it is a Prehistoric Sling Shot and some other items in each 2 days:

Well i think that’s all for today lol and since i’m not a member, you can transform into a Dinosaur when you have some Dinosaur eggs by finding them in that Digging Minigame and also, adopting a Dino Puffle too. Is this helpful?, leave us a comment.

~ Mario86385CP

New Club Penguin Updated Rooms: Ski Hill & Forest

Club Penguin have updated the Ski Hill and the Forest into a new design update today at the Club Penguin Island!. Check it out:


Well, the old design is the one i liked but the Ski Hill looks like the boss. I know some players like old design just like old CP and same here but things will get different though. So what do you guys think?, leave us a comment.

~ Mario86385CP

New Club Penguin Times Issue #431

Club Penguin have released a brand new issue to the Club Penguin Times today and it talks about that the Prehistoric Party 2014 has begun and some other news that are there too. Check it out:

Over here, Gary talks about the dangers of time travel:

Finally, the upcoming events happening soon on Club Penguin:

The Prehistoric Party 2014 is awesome by the way with the Dino Puffles which are now for adoption (Members Only) and some other great stuff out there. What are your thoughts?, leave us a comment.

~ Mario86385CP

Club Penguin: #WaddleOn Episode 21: Prehysteric Part 1

Club Penguin have released a brand new episode of #WaddleOn on Youtube and it takes place at the future of the Club Penguin Island and it is based on the upcoming party..the Prehistoric Party 2014:

Things are gonna be different during the future on Club Penguin, because i don’t remember if we had a Spa Room at the Prehistoric Party, i think we didn’t. So..Whos excited for tomorrow?, leave us a comment.

~ Mario86385CP