Happy Halloween!

Today is the day that everyone knows whats happening today and yes, it’s Halloween day!

Man, time has gone too fast this year. All I remember last Halloween is that I gave my dog a bubblegum candy. Lol just kidding but if I did, he would have his breath smell like gum.

Anyways, the Club Penguin Cheats Forever team would like to say to you

Happy Halloween! Have a safe and exciting Halloween day!

~ Mario86385CP


Watch Club Penguin’s Halloween Special: Halloween Panic On The What’s New Blog!

For those of you who haven’t watched the new Halloween Club Penguin Special Halloween Panic, you can actually watch it on the blog by clicking here or the picture below

Club Penguin Halloween Panic Full Video

This is just a reminder or a basic post to let you know that you can watch it on the blog. Well, some people knows that but I’m putting this anyway.

~ Mario86385CP

How To Defeat HERBOT – Halloween Party 2015 Walkthrough

After you have completed the mini-game on Rookie’s robot quest, a pop up message will appear and it is from RookieBot

So there is a secret lair below the Coffee Shop heh? Be sure you collect your free items after you completed Rookie’s quest mission during the event. Now when your at the Coffee Shop, you may find it

Enter it and it takes you to the lair. Well, look who it is

*then Gary appears on computer saying…*

Aaaugh let’s get up to this. Now, after you’re done listening to the fat bear and Gary, click Ok and now, you will need something to defeat Herbot. It’s easy

After you’ve done that, a mini-game will appear. Here are all the answers

After you’ve completed it, Herbot is fully destroyed. But Herbert and Klutzy escapes as they will continue their plans to destroy CP.

Now since you’ve completed it all, a reward have granted

I wonder what Herbert is planning next because something strange come up on Herbert’s site (Club Herbert) because at first, he wants to private talk someone. :/

Any thoughts about this? Leave us a comment!

~ Mario86385CP

New Club Penguin Times Issue #523

Club Penguin have released a brand new issue of the CP Times! On this week’s issue, the Halloween Party 2015 continues as the penguins faces fear on those robots. Also more exciting things are coming soon!

Ahh, the classic of all time. Night of the Living Sled

Finally, upcoming events

November 5 will launch Mustache Madness. Free mustaches for everyone in the forest!

It also launches the Penguin Style and Furniture & Igloo Catalog. Don’t forget these, well you know.

~ Mario86385CP

What’s Coming On November??

There are something new that is coming on November 2015 including this new EPF event Operation: Crustocean maybe it’s pronounced like that.

But anyways, Megg have released a new post on the blog today about what’s really coming on November 2015!

Greetings feathered friends,
As you know, I have control of the blog — but that doesn’t mean I’m not a generous and almighty ruler. Therefore, I have a treat for everyone today! 
I’ve created a word search to help you discover what will be happening in November. There are 11 words in total for you to find, and you will need to work together to uncover them all.

And because I am generous, I will update this post with the answers on Monday, November 2.
Good luck, 
-Meggbot the Almighty Ruler of the Blog

Possible answers that I mostly found:

  • EPF
  • SPY
  • SUN

~ Mario86385CP

Defeat Meggbot! Find Her Fear To Get The What’s New Blog Back!

Maybe it’s time to end the “bot invasion” this month.

Megg have released a new post on the What’s New blog and it seems that they need your help on defeating Meggbot. Look what she said

This is urgent, and I don’t have much time… I’ve heard we need to find Meggbot’s fear in order to get the blog back! 
One of my fears is spiders, maybe that will work? I’ve put on my spider costume… but maybe try sending in your best spider drawing to our fan art page… I gotta go! 
Good luck,

Be sure you send the CP Team your spider costume drawings on their fan art page by clicking here to defeat Meggbot once and for all!

~ Mario86385cp

Introducing Paperback3

Hello readers! My name is Paperback3, and I started Club Penguin in 2008, and have played ever since. I have owned cheat sites over the years but don’t have one currently. I am quite famous on Club Penguin and often come on the server Big Snow. I’m 14 and a master and windows and PHP programming.

By RookiePBC

Halloween Party 2015 Review

This is my first review post that I am going to publish it on my blog. It’s about my review of any Club Penguin party. Whether it’s good, bad, or horrible. You can also decide your review in the comments section whether you like it or not.

Alright here we go. The Halloween Party 2015

Halloween Party Logo

My review about the Halloween Party is good. Just good. I like the new features and things that they put including the “non-working psycho” robots.

The robots transformation/items/feature (in the game) are just fine. Totally fine. But there’s 1 problem that everyone (and one of my friends from my chat group) is having trouble with. It’s the design of the rooms that are the same but not different. You get what I mean?

The rooms from the Dock, Town, Snow Forts, Plaza, and Forest have the same Halloween design as last years. Why can’t CP design those rooms into a new design so that players can experience new things on Club Penguin?

I know that it is not everyone’s issue, but these room designs doesn’t bother me at all. If they are going to repeat and repeat and repeat the same room designs for every Halloween Party, then players are going to get tired of seeing them because they keep seeing it on every Halloween party. But I’m pretty sure the Club Penguin Team won’t do that because they always got new plans for new parties. Hopefully.

All I gotta say is that this year’s party is just great. Everyone likes it, some doesn’t like it but hey, the Club Penguin Team are trying to work hard to get their parties to look good.

Rating: 92/100 [Great!]

~ Mario86385CP

October 24, 2015 Marks Club Penguin’s 10th Birthday!

10 years ago, the Club Penguin Team had made their virtual online game available for the whole public on October 24th, 2005. In this day, it marks Club Penguin’s 10th birthday.

Club Penguin had brought us such fun, excitement, and good old memories that everyone in the Club Penguin community feel proud about it.

The rest of the old past parties were even way spectacular that everybody loved. Including the Festival of Flight, the Island Adventure Party 2010, Music Jam 2011, The Great Snow Race, Earth Day, Puffle Party 2011, Holiday Party 2010-13, Operation: Blackout, etc. Those old parties were the best of all!

Anyways, the Club Penguin Cheats Forever team, and of course everybody from the Club Penguin Community, would like to say…

Happy Birthday Club Penguin!

10 is a big number that represents something. It represents you’re birthday.

If you liked the graphic that I have made weeks ago, you’re very welcome CP Team.

~ Mario86385CP

(NOW OVER) Join In With The Club Penguin Team To Celebrate Club Penguin’s 10th Anniversary!

Tomorrow is the day Club Penguin turns 10!

Club Penguin have officially first opened in October 24, 2005. It’s been 10 incredible years of fun and excitement! The Club Penguin Team invited YOU to join in the fun, celebrating it’s 10th birthday!

Greetings Feathered Friends,
It is I, Meggbot the Almighty Ruler of the Blog here with a very important announcement.
Tomorrow marks 10 WHOLE YEARS of Club Penguin. Lucky for you, a few passionate members of our community have organized a giant online meet-up to help celebrate.
There’s even a rumor that well-known penguins will be in attendance… I’m not a fan of parties, so I, of course, will stay here and maintain control of the blog.
If you’re interested, here’s all the information you need:
I suppose I should thank KingBoo8884, Mrzero3, Pen50gi, Spikey2007, Bacon, Claire 62, Pup1one, Rosytilly and Jdan1001 for organizing this meet-up. Well done penguins, your enthusiasm is inspiring — I shall let this party commence accordingly.
Well, I must get back to my very important daily duties. Enjoy your party.
-Meggbot the Almighty Ruler of the Blog

But hey, I guess Billybob would be logging in tomorrow to celebrate Club Penguin’s 10th Anniversary. He wouldn’t miss a thing.

So be sure you are there because this is what Club Penguin is all about. Having fun, entertain yourselfs, and of course, waddling on! 10 years of awesome, 10 years of fun!

I might be there. If I am, see you there!

~ Mario86385CP