Aunt Arctic Tracker

Welcome to the Aunt Arctic Tracker page were you can find all information about Aunt Arctic below.


Aunt Arctic Tracker:


(NOTE: This Tracker is NOT automatically, Mario86385CP types the TRUE locations on this Tracker.)


Who is Aunt Arctic?

Aunt Arctic is a green penguin who wears a pink toque and glasses. Aunt Arctic is the cheif/editor of the Club Penguin Times and she is also known as the Director of the Elite Penguin Force (EPF). She writes newspapers and articles for penguins to see the latest news on the Club Penguin Island. She also loves puffles.


Finding Aunt Arctic Tips:

1. Refresh the Tracker when Mario86385CP spotted Aunt Arctic. (Check @Mario86385CP on Twitter)

2.  Aunt Arctic visits to crowded servers (4 – 5 bars) such as Blizzard, Frozen, Alpine, Alaska, Mammoth, Yukon.

3. The rooms she go on are the Dock, Town, Coffee Shop, Book Room (CP Times Room).

4. Aunt Arctic will spend like 15-25 Minutes or 15-30 Minutes.

5. Aunt Arctic visits some languages such as Spanish, English, Deutch, French.

6. If Aunt Arctic is not on CP for like an hour or 50 minutes, it means that shes Offline. She will get back online like an hour.



This is the Playercard of Aunt Arctic:

~ Mario86385CP


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