Club Penguin Field Ops #101 Cheats September 2012

Hey Penguins!, All EPF Agents should get a Field Ops mission today because Gary The Gadget guy has a IMPORTANT mission for you to solve and safe Club Penguin!. Here’s the cheats:


Instead of putting Pics on my Document and on Post, i’ll put a Video that’s created by Mario86385CP on his Youtube Channel. This video is gonna help you with the Field Ops mission #101:

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What do you think about today’s field op mission??. Send a comment!.

~ Mario86385CP


Club Penguin Featured Igloos: September 28

Hey Penguins!, the Club Penguin Team has released a new post from their Community Blog and it talks about the Featured Igloos that Sms8, Einstein and Tangoboy4’s Igloo has a awesome furniture!. Here’s what they say:



Thanks for all the fabulous igloo nominations you sent in! It was hard to choose just 3 to feature, but we really loved these designs:
Mmstar0 said: “Check out Sms8’s igloo, it’s really cool!”
Danceislife said: “Hey!!! Check out Einstein’s igloo! His igloos are always full of surprises!”
Pengamer25 said: “You should check out my friend Tangoboy4’s iggy! It’s awesome! Waddle On!”
For something a little different this time, we’d love to hear why you think your own igloo design should be featured on the blog. Let us know in the comments below and we’ll post more again soon! 

Waddle On! 🙂
-Club Penguin Team
~ Mario86385CP

Club Penguin VIDEO: The Fair Top 10

Hey Penguins!, today, Businessmoose has resently released a new post from their Community Blog!. Moose has put a video on the Community blog about a Top 10 of the Fall Fair!. Look what he said:


Hello Friends!

I hope you are all enjoying The Fair! Some of you may know who I am, but for those who don’t, my name is Businesmoose and I help make videos for Club Penguin.

Here is the latest video I made with help from a few of my penguin friends. The video shows the top 10 things to do before the party ends on October 2. Enjoy!

Congratulations to Businessmoose for his First post on the Community Page!. What do you think about this??. Send a comment!

Waddle On!

~ Mario86385CP

Club Penguin Halloween Party Sneak Peek Image!!

Hey Penguins!, Club Penguin has released another sneak peek image of the Halloween Party 2012!. On Twitter, Polo Field has tweeted a new sneak peek image of the Halloween Party room!. Take a look:

Wow!, i can’t wait for the Halloween Party 2012 and i will be a member and entering the Mansions and everything!!. What do you think about this??. Send a comment!

~ Mario86385CP

Club Penguin Party Update: The Fair

Hey Penguins!, the Club Penguin Team has released a new post from their Community Blog and it talks about the new prizes that’s been released yesterday!!. Look what they say:


Greetings Penguins!

It’s great seeing so many of you coming out to The Fair, playing games and checking out the Puffle Circus. And get this, we just released all new prizes in both Prize Booths. So make sure you check them out.

Fair Prizes.png

What’s your favorite item from the Prize Booths? Leave a comment and let us know!

Waddle On! 🙂

-Club Penguin Team


~ Mario86385CP

Club Penguin EXCLUSIVE: Will Herbert Come To Club Penguin SOON??

Hey Penguins!, today, i have a awesome Exclusive for you today, On twitter, Club Penguin said “There will be a new mascot soon” and the new mascot “Herbert P Bear”!!!. Mario86385CP has found this exclusive because he loves to find exclusives for everyone to see!. Take a look:

Perfect!, Herbert will be coming to the island soon with his Background Gift or maybe Club Penguin will put a Herbert stamp on everyone’s stamp book!. What do you think??. Send a comment and we’ll hear it!!.


New Club Penguin Fair Booth Prizes 2012!!

Hey Penguins!, Club Penguin has released more Fair Booth Prizes!!!. Everyone could get new prizes from the Booth at the Forest and Members could get it too at the Outside Tent!!. Check it out:

This is the Members Only Booth that you can get new prizes here if your a member:

I love those new prizes that Club Penguin have released yesterday!!. What will you get at the Fair??. Send a comment!

Waddle On!

~ Mario86385CP

Club Penguin Times Issue #362

Hey Penguins!, Club Penguin has released today’s Club Penguin Times that’s written by Aunt Arctic!. Today’s news is about the Fall Fair with MORE Prizes and No disasters on the Fall Fair 2012!!. Today’s Focus: More Fair! More Prizes!

Over here, Aunt Arctic tells us that there have been no major problems at the Fair and Rookie solved the problem!!:

Finally but not least, today’s Upcoming Events!!. This article says that the Fall Fair will be over next week and the upcoming party is the “Halloween Party 2012”. and etc:

So, are you excited about the Halloween Party 2012??. Send a comment!

Waddle On!

~ Mario86385CP


Club Penguin New Song Sneak Peek: Ghost Just Wanna Dance [Feat. Cadence]!

Hey Penguin!, Today, i found a brand new music video (Sneak peek) called “Ghost Just Wanna Dance” on a Amazon website!. This brand new music video will be released on Friday at Club Penguin Community Blog!. Check it out:

Ghosts Just Wanna Dance (From ''Club Penguin'') [feat. Cadence]

Singer: The Penguin Band and DJ Cadence!!.


Awesome Sneak peek that i found on Amazon!. It’s a awesome music video sneak peek!. Do you like this brand new music video that i found??. Send a comment!
Waddle On!
~ Mario86385CP

Club Penguin Blog: Sneak Peek: Halloween

Hey Penguins!, today, Happy77 has released a brand new post on their Community page and she’s showing us a sneak peek of the Penguin Style Catalog that has Halloween costumes!!. Here’s what she say:



Greetings Penguins!

October is just about here, and you know what that means… Halloween! Time for costumes, spooky igloos and a haunted party full of ghosts (and candy!)

The Halloween fun starts next week with the new Penguin Style catalog, which includes the new Pizza Costume! (Which you voted for!)

Pizza Costume.png

As part of this year’s Halloween Party, the team’s making the most epic haunted mansion EVER. It’s all brand new, with tons of creepy corners to explore. I can’t wait to give you guys more info on this one. Stay tuned for more soon!!

Waddle On! 🙂
-Club Penguin Team


~ Mario86385CP