Club Penguin New Northern Lights Wallpaper

Hey guys, Club Penguin Released  a new wallpaper, its a Northern Lights Wallpaper, Check it out.

Looks cool, maybe you could put it on your computer screen. Waddle on cp.

~ Mario86385cp


Club Penguin Newspaper Issue # 323

Hey guys, the new issue from the newspaper has released yesterday at 12/29/2011, Check it out.

Upcomming Events:

Untill Jan: 5: Fireworks!

Starting Jan: 5: Penguin Style Catalog.

Starting Jan: 12: twelfth fish.

Jan: 5: Find out the Coins For Change Results at the beach on Jan: 5.

Thats all the cheats, Waddle on cp :D.

~ Mario86385cp

Club Penguin New Possible Upcoming Items

Hey guys, theres something new on club penguin, when i go to the club penguin main homepage, it shows a Orange Penguin wearing a few new upcoming items. Check out the Orange Penguin Wearing a few new upcoming items.

Looks Awsome, Maybe that items that the orange penguin got is going to be at the Janurary Clothing Catalog or it could be from the Tresure Book, Well im going to find out. Waddle on cp :D.

~ Mario86385cp

Club Penguin Christmas Party December 2011 Cheats


Hey guys, christmas party is here and rockhopper and aunt arctic are here on club penguin :D, Heres the cheats for the christmas party 2011 cheats.

Santa’s Sleigh

If your a non-members, Thats fine becuse this year you could enter santa’s sleigh, But if you finish dropping 15 presents on santa’s sleigh, The prize is A Christmas Tree Ornament, Only members could get that free item prize.

Bakery Room

Also the dance lounge has a bakery toom too, theres 2 doors, if you enter the first top one, thats for Members Only room, Only members could get a free Bakery Apron, But if you enter the second room, Non-members could throw snowballs on the targets at the far end to cook those christmas cookies. Then click on the yellow button on the oven on the right. You will obtain a New Special Igloo! (Members only).

Coins For Change

A lot of penguin donate Coins for three diffrent categories. Penguins Donate for Medical Help, Protecting the Earth and Building shelters. Penguins like to donate for the poor, Even i do too, if you waddle to the beach, theres a big Coins for Change Pot, when you click on it, Donate any three diffrent categories, when you already donated, you will get a Coins For Change 2011 Pin.

Heres the free Coins For Change 2011 Pin when you donate at the beach.

Club Penguin 12 Days Of Christmas

If you waddle on the forest, you will see a house of days that you could get free prizes every day, if you see todays date, click on a door when you see todays date on your computer calender.

Heres the list that you could get every day a prize.

December 14: The jingle bell

December 15th: Holiday Tree Background

December 16th: Candy Cane Duo Pin

December 17th: CFC Hat

December 18th: North Pole Background

December 19th: Holiday Stocking Pin

December 20th: The Tree Topper

December 21th: Sweet Treat Background

December 22th: Milk’n Cookies Pin

December 23rd: The Hornament Hat

December 24th: Holiday Magic Background

December 25th: Gingerbread Cookie Costume

Thats all the christmas party cheats, Waddle on cp :D.

~ Mario86385cp 😀

Club Penguin New Coins For Change and Christmas Holiday Party Login Screen

Hey guys, If you go to Theres a new Coins For Change and Christmas Holiday Party Login Screen on club penguin login screen. Check it out.

Take a look at the new Coins For Change Login Screen.

Looks awsome, Well when Christmas Party begins, Il be donating like 24,000 Coins on christmas party at the Coins For Change Bucket. Also il be meeting Rockhopper :D. Waddle On 😀

~ Mario86385cp

Club Penguin Card Jitsu Mats Are Now Here !

Hey guys, If you waddle over to the ninja hideout and open the ninja catalog, Theres a new card jitsu mats for your Igloo furniture. Check it out.

Club Penguin Card Jitsu Mats

Cool, Now everybody who is a member could buy it to challenge with your friends or someone who goes to your house to play card jitsu with your mats. Waddle On Cp :D.

~ Mario86385cp