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Yes that’s right, and quite logical really. Arctic White has been confirmed that it will be arriving at the Holiday Party. Do you like it?

Here is Spike Hike’s official tweet confirming it.

Well here is a few images of the exclusive Arctic White colour.

Server Jumping GIF

Now all we need is the server jumping to go with it. What do you think of Arctic White? My prediction is that Arctic White will be available on Christmas Day. What do you think?



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Flocho's Cp Cheats

That’s right! Herbert P Bear has a  twitter account! Also rumours are going round about #Operationblackout

Here’s a picture of his profile!

So fellow penguins lets work this out. Herbert P Bear appears in the Party Starts Now and the Ghosts Just Wanna Dance songs staring Cadence. He makes an unexpected appearence during the Smoothie Smash Game and the darkest time of the year for Operation Blackout is Halloween right? Remember August 2011 herbert attacked the EPF from the tallest mountain. I wasn’t around when that happened but thank god you were there.

Stay tuned at Flocho CP Cheats as all the authors will provide you with the news. Until next time we meet. Waddle On.


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Flocho's Cp Cheats

Hey guys, Today, Sunday October 7th Trainman and Hamed held a mini party!

I was lucky enough to recieve a postcard for my rare postcards collection and actually meet some famous penguin faces.

Under here are some NEVER SEEN BEFORE pictures of this epic party. Because of this , these Images have been watermarked.

Enjoy!!! 🙂


I believe this to be Trainman1405’s current igloo. Awesome right?








Slowly sipping my tea listening to Trainman play the guitar, the party came to an ending. What do you think? I love being a part of this party and Flocho CP Cheats are holding a party soon so look out for that. Best Fishes


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Featured Igloos: September 10

Hey guys! Happy77 has just updated the community blog! Check it out! http://community.clubpenguin.com/blog/2012/09/featured-igloos-september-10.php

“Greetings Igloo Decorators!

Check out these amazing igloo designs:
Catie 88 said: “You have to see my bff Sparkly0806. Her iggy is AWESOME!”
Hannahmonta3 said: “Check out Sliparychil’s igloo! It’s an epic stranded island!”
Goldscott777 said: “Happy77, my brother worked really hard to make a tropical igloo! You should really check his out! His penguin name is Fred95921.”
It definitely looks like this igloo took a lot of work, Goldscott777! :)”
What do you guys think of these awesome igloo’s! Comment above on the post!