Club Herbert: More Evil Plans Coming!

What is Herbert P Bear up to now? It seems that the Club Herbert website have been updated with something new, but with something “evil”. Check it out:

Looks like Herbert have been exploring some places in CP and on the list, it says Secret Meeting With ——. Who is he having a secret meeting with?

~ Mario86385CP


Club Penguin – Inside Out Party Announcement: Rockhopper’s Lost His Memories!

Oh, maybe theres a new party announcement for next month, maybe. Megg have released a new post on the Club Penguin blog about a party announcement. The announcement is something to do with Inside Out, a Disney Pixar movie that came out to Theaters last week on June 19.

Hey Penguins!
Who’s seen the new Disney Pixar Inside Out movie? Now I have little characters to think of whenever I feel joy, sadness, fear, disgust or anger!
For July, we’re celebrating those emotions and also using them to help Rockhopper! If you’ve been reading the Club Penguin Times, you’ll know he’s eaten some cursed stinky cheese and might need our help! We’ll use the emotions to help him find his memories.   Check out this concept room art:
The party will start July 22, 2015 – stay tuned to the blog for our July 2015 calendar and more sneak peeks!
Waddle on,
-Club Penguin Team
Since you had watched the movie, what are your reviews? Did you like it or not?? Leave us a comment.
~ Mario86385CP

Club Penguin: 25% Off 1, 6, 12 Month Memberships *LIMITED TIME*

Greetings! Club Penguin have discounted their 1, 6 and 12th month Membership for a limited time offer! It’s 25% off and this is for limited time only. So don’t forget to buy these 1, 6 and 12th membership before the offer is OVER. Tell your parents FIRST about this!

The offer began yesterday and it will end on July 29, 2015.

~ Mario86385CP

The Ski Lodge Fire Is Now Animated!

Club Penguin have finally fixed this bug at the Ski Lodge where players have been wondering why the fire on the fireplace isn’t animated. But the Club Penguin Team have managed to fix this bug and make the fire animated. So now, the fire is animated.

~ Mario86385CP

New Club Penguin Times Issue #505

Club Penguin have released the newest issue of the Club Penguin Times today! This week’s issue talks about the secret of the deep underground that Penguins have discovered.

Over here, a letter from Rockhopper about The Wheel Of Potent Cheese:

Finally, upcoming events! The good news of all:

July 1 is when the Festival of Snow starts and also it launches the Furniture & Igloo Catalog to CP.

Excited for these? Leave us a comment.

~ Mario86385CP

*REMINDER* Club Penguin Will Be Updating Tonight!

Greetings! The Club Penguin Team will be busy updating the game and it should be updated by tonight or tomorrow. Club Penguin will be updating tonight. The list of this week’s update includes:

  • New Club Penguin Times Issue #505
  • EPF Training Missions 9-11
  • New EPF Message – Most Likely
  • Festival Of Snow Construction
  • New Pin – Most Likely

And that’s about it!

~ Mario86385CP

Club Penguin: Agents In The Coffee Shop Video

Club Penguin have uploaded a video on their official YouTube channel and its quite good. It shows a little CP short about EPF agents. Check it out:

Yup! Subscribe to Club Penguin on YouTube if you haven’t done so. It’s better to catch up videos from them.

~ Mario86385CP