Become A EPF Agent

This is a guide of how to become a EPF Agent!. Follow these steps below:


1. In case, tell someone to give you a EPF invite postcard.

2. If your not a EPF agent, go to Ski villige and go to this building called the Everyday Phoning Facility, to do the test.

3. If you hear a phone ringing, click on the phone and then the target will appear at the right wall. Throw a snowball at the target.

4. Ok now, go to the green square, and run at the red square in 30 seconds. Run faster as you can.

5. Ok, the blue screen will say that how well could you hide. Make sure you hide everywhere and don’t let the camra see you. Here’s a special hint: Throw lots of snowballs at the camra.

6. Ok, the blue screen is loading the traps. When the trap is complete, do not go to the blue square, but if you see a blue glowing electricity, hit it with a snowball at the power sorce and it will deactivate all the traps.

7. Now you’ve completed the epf training, The blue screen will say that lets add up your scores. If you got a good and perfect score, enter the elevator.

8. Welcome to the Elite Penguin Force Command Room, there will be some minigame such as Spy Drills and System Defender. They will give you a new upgraded EPF phone to teleport, view messages, elite puffle, gadgets, and also, there is Gear that you get from that Phone. Visit the EPF command room if there’s any trouble or getting some coins by playing some minigames in there.


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