Halloween Party 2016 Walkthrough

Club Penguin’s latest party Halloween Party 2016 have arrived to the island! And yet, Gary is also joined in the party as confirmed by Megg on #MeggMonday! Let’s get to the walkthrough!

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Megg Confirms Mascot For Halloween Party 2016, 11th Anniversary Party & Holiday 2016!

Today was #MeggMonday. A meetup event by Megg every Monday. She have confirmed the mascots that will be coming or returning on the following parties: Halloween Party 201611th Anniversary Party, and the Holiday Party 2016.

The mascot for the 11th Club Penguin Anniversary party will be Aunt Arctic. So Aunt Arctic will be coming for the 11th anniversary party.

Now for the Holiday 2016 will be Rockhopper. He will be coming to this year’s holiday party on Club Penguin

Gary the Gadget Guy is also coming for the Halloween Party 2016

Now, she did say something about the Project Super Secret but I didn’t have a chance to take a screenshot of it because of a lot of players flooding the chat bar.

BUT she did say something that she will have an “ask megg” post regarding the Project: Super Secret soon

I am currently making a new post about EVERYTHING PSS. Every sneak peeks, every exclusives, and any information about it.

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In the meantime, waddle on.

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