Club Penguin Official Annual 2013 New Book

Hey Penguins!, CP has released a brand new book called the “Official Annual 2013” thats on the unlocking page. Check it out:

I better get that book to unlock coins :D. I do need coins though. What do you think about this book??. Send a comment!.

Waddle On!

~ Mario86385cp


Club Penguin Cadence, Rocky And CeCe Meet Up!

Hey Penguins!, today, CP Team has released a new video on their Youtube Account. A CP Member said that Rocky, CeCe and Cadence will have a Meet Up at Club Penguin. Check out the video.

You have a chance to meet “Rocky, CeCe and Cadence” on Club Penguin.

Date: Wednesday August 1st (Tomorrow)

Server: Ice Cold

Room: Could be at Town, Snow Forts, Consert or VIP Room.

Time: 4 PM Australian Eastern Daylight Time, 4 PM British Summer Time + 4 PM Penguin
Standard Time.

English Servers goes to 4:00 PM PST to meet Rocky, CeCe and Cadence.


I’ve met DJ Cadence, Rocky and CeCe and i did get their BG, so i need YOU to meet them tomorrow :D. You better go to that server QUICKLY and EARLY because the server room will get crowed. Good luck meeting them ;). Waddle On!

~ Mario86385CP

Club Penguin New Igloo Experience Has Been Released!

Hey Penguins!, today, when i log in to Club Penguin, Club Penguin has released a New Igloo Experience today!!. Now penguins could go to anyone’s igloo and could click “LIKE” at the top right :D. Also, Members could put 2 more igloos that you could create and Backgrounds too. When you do not have Items on your house, Club Penguin has also gifted us new items for Members and Non-members. Check it out.

You can see that I am a non-member with some unlocked new items that Club Penguin have gifted everyone new items to their inventory!. Now you could put those new items to your igloo!.

And, there’s a new box that says “Like” and down below that box, you can see the penguins who have liked your igloo with their penguin names. To like anyone’s igloo, click on the button “Like” which is on right top corner!.

Also, there is a new Edit button on right down corner on your screen, where you can also see how many total likes are there on your igloo!

If you wanna get started to put new items, simply click the “Edit” icon button.

When you clicked “Edit” icon button, you can simply add new items designs to your igloo or put music to your igloo which you can use
anytime you want and edit them, delete them, use them anytime
but you can only save three igloos and designs for your igloo.

If you want your igloo to be gone and set as a Background, click the Igloo Icon, then when you see a Igloo Icon with a red circle, click it and your igloo will be gone and you will put New Items or other furniture on the snow. Like this:

Also, if you wanna Like other igloos, simply go to the map, click on those igloos and it shows a new update that it shows this:

Well, this update is soo awesome and thanks CP Team for making this update. What do you think about this post and do you like the new update??. Send a comment :D.

Waddle On!.

~ Mario86385CP

Club Penguin What’s New Blog: New Igloo Experience Is Here!

Hey Penguins!, guess what, today CP Tean has released a New Igloo Experience and it has been updated yesterday tonight and today!. At this Update, you could Vote and Like other igloos or at your friends igloo. Heres what they say:


Greetings Igloo Decorators!

We just released a brand new igloo experience on Club Penguin! Have you checked it out yet?


We’ve already seen so many of you exploring all the unique and amazing igloos on the island. If you haven’t had a chance to yet, go online and vote for your favorite igloo by pressing the Like button!

Be sure to let us know what you like best about the new igloo experience, too. 🙂

Waddle On!

-Club Penguin Team

Awesome!. Im going online at Club Penguin to try it out!. What do you think of this update??. Send a comment :).

Waddle On!

~ Mario86385CP

Club Penguin Cheats 2012-2013 Weekly Poll: Background Update

Good luck and answer it right!. Waddle On!

~ Mario86385CP

Club Penguin New Igloo Experience Sneak Peek!

Hey Penguins!, i have great news for all the penguins on Club Penguin!. A Club Penguin member (Polofield) has a sneak peek of the new Igloo Experience thats going to be released tonight or tomorrow on July 26th 2012 and he also tweeted it on via Twitter. Polofield said this on Twitter: “Hey everyone. Wanted to share another little sneak peek of the new igloo
experience with ya…”. Check it out.

Many as you know, on the Igloo Update, you could put a Background, switch houses and more!. But it is so cool without a igloo. Like you could create a Forest on a forest background. Creating a Snowball Fight by making Snow Blocks that you kept on last years igloo catalog. Are you excited about the New Igloo Experience Update??. Send a comment and Waddle On!.

~ Mario86385CP

Club Penguin You Decide: Costume Item!

Hey Penguins!, Today, Happy77 has resently updated a new post on their Club Penguin Community What’s New Blog. Happy77 and the CP Team is working on some new costume ideas and they want YOU to vote a Costume item for the Upcoming Catalog. Heres what she says:


Greetings everyone!
Thanks for all the nice comments about Ultimate Jam. We’re glad to hear that so many of you love the party!
Meanwhile, the team’s been working on some new costume ideas, and we’d love your help! Would you help us decide which item you’d like to see in an upcoming catalog? Take a look at these three concepts and vote for which one you’d like to see in the future.
You can vote for your favorites in this week’s Poll. Be sure to let us know what you like best about the one you picked! 😉
Waddle On!
-Club Penguin Team

By Happy77 on July 24 2012 12:36
Don’t forget to Vote on the Club Penguin Community Poll!. What will you vote for the Costumes?, Pick and name a costume on the Comments. Waddle On!.
~ Mario86385CP

Unlock The Blue Tracksuit On Club Penguin – Free Code!!

Hey Penguins!, Today, Mario86385CP has been able to find a Brand New Free Code on Club Penguin that everyone could unlock it. Its  a Body Item and its called a “Blue Tracksuit” and its from the Sports Shop. The code to unlock this is: DSKYSUIT .

I don’t know why the CP Team released a New Code but thanks to CP Team that released a New Code! :D. Do you liked the New Body Item?. Send a comment and Waddle On!.

~ Mario86385CP

Club Penguin Parent Update July 2012

Hey Penguins!, Today, while i was checking my G-Mail, the CP Team sent me a Club Penguin Parent Update July 2012 that speaks about the Ultimate Jam Party, DJ Cadence performing her new song and speaking about kids wanting to be superstars?!. Take a look.

What are your thoughts??. Send a comment!.

Waddle On!

~ Mario86385CP

Club Penguin Cadence New Giveaway Background

Hey Penguins!, when Cadence arrives on Club Penguin during the Ultimate Jam Party 2012, Cadence has a new Giveaway Background for all the penguins who already met them, if not, go meet cadence at some higher server and get the Giveaway Background. It looks like this:

Looks cool huh?. Well, you liked the Ultimate Jam Party 2012??. Send a comment and Waddle On!!! :D.

~ Mario86385CP