Club Penguin: The Muppets Show Finale On Now At The Stage!

Today’s the day to see the show finale of the Muppets at the Stage!. Well, 2 hours before, there was a glitch or a bug that you can’t enter the Stage when it is March 28, 2014 but now, CP have fixed this problem and you can now go to the Stage were the Muppets are preforming their show finale:

Here are the Muppets preforming their final show:

So, this is it. What are your thoughts? Leave us a comment.

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Club Penguin: The Best of 2013 – Mashup Remix – Music Video

Club Penguin have released a music video which it is a remix of the Best of 2013 about the fun stuff going on, on Club Penguin!. Well, this was the Club Penguin music video also known as the Best of 2013 but now, CP made it even more awesome. Check it out:

Wow, the previous video was great but now, they changed something on that video but it sounds great now. Great video.

~ Mario86385CP

New Club Penguin Times Issue #440

(Sorry for late post again, lol) Club Penguin have released a brand new issue to the Club Penguin Times which it talks about the final show of the Muppets that there having right now at the Stage:


Over here, Aunt Arctic talks about Gary letting Bunsen & Beaker a tour of Gary’s Lab:

Finally, the upcoming events:

What do you guys think about the Muppets World Tour so far? Leave us a comment.

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New Club Penguin #WaddleOn Episode 28: With The Muppets!

Club Penguin have released a brand new #WaddleOn episode on Youtube about the Gold Anvil stealer and also, the Muppets!

Lol, seems that the Gold Anvil guy is a golden stealer i say and also, the Stage looks great with the fantastic design they’ve made for the Muppets World Tour 2014. Awesome video CP!

~ Mario86385CP

Club Penguin The Muppets World Tour 2014 Walkthrough

(Sorry For Late Post) Club Penguin have finally released the Muppets World Tour 2014 on the Club Penguin Island with so many Muppets characters including Kermit, Miss Piggy, Constantine, etc and some rewards!. To get started, first, when you log in to Club Penguin, Kermit will talk to you:

Click the arrow that’s pointing right that’s located at the bottom right of the screen and then, Kermit will keep talking to you:

Click “OK” to continue and you’ll see that the Airport Book will now be yours for the Catalog. Since you have got your book, open it. It looks like this:

Now as you can see here, when you opened the book, it shows like a mission page were you need to find these characters on one room:

Ok, lets start with Fozzie Bear, he’s located at Germany, which it is the room Forest:

When your there, you will see Fozzie Bear sitting with an exclamation point. Click him:

After you clicked him, he will talk to you about throwing pies:

Click “OK” to continue. But these throwing pies are available for Members Only. So sadly, yeah. Ok, let’s find Miss Piggy, she’s located at England which it is the Town Central:

When your there, you will see her at the bottom middle of the screen. Click her:

She will talk to you:

Click “OK” to continue. It is for Members Only too. Ok, do you see that Museum room (Gift Shop) that’s there on England? Well go inside:

When your in, rob these Jewelries to get a reward:

After you’ve done that, Constantine will talk to you and gave you a reward:

Click the Collect button to get the BG and then click OK to done talking. According to this, Constantine is one of the most wanted muppet on CP. Have you seen this guy:

Ok, lets move on, click on your Airport Book and scroll to the next page of the book, you’ll see Muppet costumes for purchase (Members Only):

Aaaaand that’s all folks!. I’ll see you guys on the Finale Show of the Muppets that’s happening on March. 28, 2014, i guess and what do you think of the party? Leave us a comment.

~ Mario86385CP

New Club Penguin Times Issue #439

Club Penguin have released a brand new issue to the Club Penguin Times today which it is about the Muppets World Tour 2014 that’s happening now at the Club Penguin Island!

Club Penguin Kermit The Frog Interview

Over here, Cadence talks about the Muppets World Tour featuring the character Fozzie Bear that he’s located at Germany:

Club Penguin Muppets First Stop: Germany

The upcoming events:

Upcoming Events March 19, 2014

And a bonus story:

~ Mario86385CP