Cadence Tracker

In this page, you will see the Cadence Tracker that helps Club Penguin Players to find Cadence by using this Cadence Tracker. This Tracker is NOT automatic, i only put the Server and Room name.

Cadence Tracker:


About Cadence:

Cadence is a DJ, a singer and a dancer in Club Penguin. She is also known as the “Dance Machine” and she has a purple puffle named “Lolz”. She is a purple penguin and her items are the Cadence Scarf, Cadence Hair, Cadence Wristbands, Cadence shoes, Cadence Shirt and sometimes her Boombox and Microphone.


1. Cadence goes on popular servers that are Mammoth, Frozen and Blizzard. If not, then check other servers that are high popular like 4 or 5 bars.

2. Cadence always changes servers every 15 or 20 minutes (Sometimes for 1 hour).

3. If you spotted Cadence, tell other people and don’t forget to add her as a friend and collect her BG gift by clicking her playercard.

4. Cadence always goes on FULL rooms. Make sure you be the first person to go in that room before she goes in the room that your in.

5. Cadence goes Online and sometimes Offline. Because of this, Cadence goes offline for a break.

6. Cadence changes rooms for like 10 or 18 minutes in the server.

7. Cadence MOST favorite rooms are the Night Club, Dance Lounge, and Rooftop.

8. The Cadence Tracker is NOT automatic. When i spotted Cadence, i will type in the TRUE location in the Cadence Tracker. REFRESH tracker. Also, if you have a Twitter Account, follow @Mario86385CP and he will let you know when he spotted Cadence.


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