New Concept Sneak Peek Image Of The “Fun Hut” [Project: Super Secret]

I know it’s kinda late but we have something to show you guys. Megg have posted a sneak peek about some sort of a hut for Project: Super Secret. She posted this on the What’s New blog.

As you can see, it is called the Fun Hut. It will be available during the launch of Project: Super Secret.

So wait a minute, this hut will take place at the “Welcome area”

Also, also check this out. The hut will be placed here

I will post more information about Project: Super Secret. Or maybe a all-together Project: Super Secret Combination post which it shows all the sneak peeks that CP released for PSS.

~ Mario86385CP


New Club Penguin Times Issue #536

Be sure your online because Club Penguin have released a new issue of the CP Times! This week’s issue talks about Gary is working hard on that UFO because that power source is under construction!


Even more interesting on this week’s Island Rumors

I have a feeling that the word Meteor has come viral on CP. Is there going to be any problems with the meteor in the future? Hopefully not but I sense it.

Thoughts? Leave us a comment

~ Mario86385CP

New Club Penguin Times Issue #534

Another issue, another news for us to see what’s really going on at Club Penguin this month.

Club Penguin have released the newest issue of the CP Times. This week’s issue talks about Gary have found alternative power to power up the UFO! Jet Pack Guy will prepare yourself the launch of the UFO

I’m sure that every Puffle loves the backyard

Finally, upcoming events!

Jan. 21 Dino Puffles will be available and the Tine Trekker activates!

Feb. 4 will schedule the UFO launch by JPG!

~ Mario86385CP

Two Club Penguin Apps To Be RETIRED!

You have heard the title and you want to seek more information of what’s going on right now.

On the What’s New blog, Megg have announced that two Club Penguin apps will be retired. Those two apps will include SoundStudio App and the Sled Racer App. Sadly.

Now THAT is shocking! Why Sled Racer? It’s been the best app played by everyone and now they managed to retire?

Tell us your thoughts about this news. Leave us a comment if you would like.

~ Mario86385CP

A New Mysterious Sneak Peek? Prehistoric Party Or February’s Party??

Megg have released a new post on the What’s New blog about a new mysterious sneak peek of some sort of an machine with a “meteor” inside. Take a look

What’s with the machine? It has a meteor. I could get that. But for what party? Prehistoric couldn’t work because it will take place at the past CP.

What about February’s party? Could be a hint.

~ Mario86385CP

Area 501 Stays Permanent?

After the Holiday Party 2015, You may have noticed this giant EPF base at the Dock. You may wonder why is it still there. Is it because is it a permanent room?

I guess it is permanent because it serves the base of the Elite Penguin Force and you can explore the UFO. So it might be permanent.

~ Mario86385CP

New Club Penguin Times Issue #533

Holiday Party 2015 have ended and now a new party will launch soon this month. Club Penguin have released a new issue of the CP Times! This week’s issue talks about THE GOOD DINOSAUR COSTUMES now released at the Clothes Shop!

I never knew Rockhopper weighs an Anchor *ba dum tsss*


Pins pins pins! Find the collectible pin until January 20!

~ Mario86385CP

The 3D Version Penguin [Project: Super Secret]

Club Penguin wishes us a happy new year for everyone and for the Club Penguin community on Twitter too.

But there is something on that tweet that Club Penguin tweeted 2 days ago. This tweet contains a sneak peek of the Project: Super Secret. Guess what it is.

It’s a penguin. A 3D version.


This tweet has a hashtag saying #ProjectSuperSecret2016 and this could be proof that it is a sneak peek of the Project. A 3D version penguin!

I have a feeling CP might release more sneak peeks in the future before release.

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~ Mario86385CP