Club Penguin April Fools Party 2012 Cheats

Hey Penguins!!, Today, Club Penguin April Fools Party has BEGUN :D!!!. I will show you guys Cheats about the Club Penguin April Fools Party 2012 and Rookie is now Online on Club Penguin. Be sure you meet him ;).

Club Penguin April Fools Decorated Rooms

Non-Member & Member Items
(the Box Shoes come with a matching Box Costume body item)
New Rooms (April Fools Party 2012)
The Fun House Box Dimension is also new, and it’s really Awsome!!.
Well thats all the cheats and the Club Penguin April Fools is Awsome!!. Are you enjoying the Club Penguin April Fools party???. Send a comment :). Waddle On!!
~ Mario86385cp

Club Penguin Rookie Tracker April 2012

Hey Penguins!, Today, when the Puffle Party 2012 Ended this year on Club Penguin. Get ready for April Fools Party :D!!. It starts Tomorrow at March 29th 2012. Rookie will be online at Club Penguin April Fools Party :D!!. Thats why i Updated the Newest Rookie Tracker 2012. SCROOL DOWN FOR TRACKER!!!.

Rookie Tracker


Who Is Rookie??

Rookie is one of the leaders of Club Penguin EPF operations. He appears in some EPF missions, and he sometimes sends out EPF messages.

Here’s a picture of the Rookie’s playercard when you spot him on Club Penguin!

Tips On Finding Rookie.

1. Rookie is a Poplular Green Penguin, wearing a Poplular Hat, Red sunglasses and a Red Hawaiian shirt.

2. Rookie will waddle onto the popular servers such as Alaska, Mammoth, Sled, Yukon, and Zipline. He will waddle into rooms such as the Box Dimension, and decorated party rooms.

3. Rookie will always have tons of penguins crowding them on Club Penguin. If there is a crowd, make sure you check the room extra hard for Rookie.

4. Rookie constantly changes servers. He usually logs on for about 10-15 minutes. This means you have to be fast and keep checking the tracker.

5. Always look for servers that are in the 3 – 5 full range (depending how popular Club Penguin is at the time). If there is a server that is usually not popular but is suddenly at 4/5 green bars or is full, then there’s a big chance Rookie is on that server.

6. Like every other Club Penguin Mascot, Rookie does attend to take breaks. When he has not been found by anybody in the last 10 – 20 minutes, he is most likely temporarily offline.

7.. Whenever Mario86385CP Found or Spotted Rookie, He will Tweet and Post Rookie’s Location at .

8.. Good Luck Finding Rookie, Waddle On!!! ;).

~ Mario86385cp


Club Penguin UK Video Blog: April Toy Special [Official Club Penguin]

Hey Penguins!, Today, The Club Penguin Team has released and uploaded a new Video on their Youtube Account and Carol, a Club Penguin member of the UK Club Penguin Team stars in the video. Click the link to watch the video.!

Awsome, Now i could get a Free 7 day Club Penguin Membership on every purchase :D. What are your thoughts in this video??. Send a comment :). Waddle on!!

~ Mario86385cp

Club Penguin April Fool’s Day Party Login Screen

Hey Penguins!, Today, Club Penguin has recently updated the login screen. Becuse of this, the new Club Penguin login screen focuseson the April Fool’s  Day Party. Take a look.

Club Penguin April Fool’s Day Party Login Screen

Don’t forget that the April Fool’s Day Party Launch on March 29 and ends on April 3. What are your thoughts??. Send A Comment :).

~ Mario86385cp

Club Penguin Membership Page Updated April 2012

Hey Penguins!, Today. Club Penguin Updated their Membership Page. It seems that Club Penguin April Fool’s Day Party is comming on March 29th. Take a look.

Club Penguin Membership Page Updated April 2012

Members can expect these things:

  • Stretch & shrink in the Zany Dimension
  • Get exclusive wacky costumes
  • Enter your craaaziest igloo design in the Igloo Contest
  • Coming Soon: New rare animal costumes for Earth Day

Are you exited for this year’s April Fools Party on Club Penguin??. Send a comment :).

~ Mario86385cp

Club Penguin New Epf Message From Dot

Hey Penguins!, Today, Dot has sent all Elite Penguin Force Agents a new message. Dot recons that it might be a good idea to lure Herbert out of hiding, and then catch him again with bait. Take a look.

New Club Penguin EPF Message From Dot

Heres what dot says:

Everyone – I have an idea. It’s a bit risky, but it might just lure Herbert out of hiding. All we need is the right bait…

What bait would you use for Herbert??. Send a comment.

~ Mario86385cp

Club Penguin Australia Video Blog: Puffle Problems? Let’s Ask PH – Official Club Penguin

Hey Penguins!, Today, Club Penguin uploaded a new Video on their Youtube Account. This time it’s an Australian Video Blog regarding Puffle Problems. Click the link to watch the video.

You can ask PH any questions you may have with Puffles. The details are below:

  • Server: Parka
  • Date: March 25th (March 24th)
  • Time: 11am AEDT (5PM PST)

Wow, im going to ask PH about my Puffle Problums. Are you going to ask PH about your Puffle Problums??. Send a comment 🙂

~ Mario86385cp

Club Penguin Times Issue #335

Hey Penguins!, Today, Club Penguin’s latest issue of the Penguin Times has been released. The newspaper issue is #335. Puffle Handler has posted about the Puffle Party continuing for another week.

Club Penguin Times Issue #335

Club Penguin also talks about Rookie preparing the April Fool’s Day Party.

Club Penguin Times Issue #335

And, finally the Upcoming Events have been updated.

Club Penguin Times Issue #335

The Upcoming Events are:

  • Until March 27 – Puffle Party
  • March 29 – April Fool’s Igloo Contest
  • April 5 – Penguin Style Catalog
  • March 29 – April Fool’s Day Party
  • April 5 – New Pin

Wow i can’t wait for April Fools Party on Club Penguin!!, Are you exited for April Fools Party on Club Penguin??. Send a comment :). Waddle ON!!.

~ Mario86385cp

Club Penguin Field Ops #74 Cheats

Hey Penguins!, Today im going to show you the Field Ops #74 Cheats on Club Penguin. Lets get started on the Field Ops #74 Cheats.

1. When your phone turns “RED”, Click it and click at the buttom ” Go To Commend Room”.

2. When your there, Click on the “Yellow Computer Screen” at your Right Side.

3. When you click on the “Yellow Computer Screen”. You will talk with Gary The Gadget Guy:

4. After you Recived your Field Ops Mission. Your Mission is located at the Broken Aqua Grabber at the Hidden Lake. The quickest way to get to this location is go to the Forest, then walk towards the statue of the puffle. It will roll away, it will leading you underground to the Hidden Lake. Once you’re there, walk over to the Broken Aqua Grabber. When your Epf Phone turns Green. Click the phone and you will be playing a Epf Minigame.

5. Once you Completed the Minigame, You will earn 1 Epf Medal to your Epf Phone and it will appear a Epf Message from Dot.

Heres what Dot is Saying:

Good job agent, you’ve completed the mission! How did you like this week’s field-op? Are you going to purchase some cool gear? Drop a comment and let me know.

Congratulations on Completing today’s Field-Ops #74 on Club Penguin!. What are your thoughts??. Send a Comment :). Have fun!!.

~ Mario86385cp