What’s Coming In October 2016?

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Megg have released a new post on the Club Penguin blog talking about on what’s coming this October 2016. Well, here is what she said:

Hi penguins,

I’ve been collecting cobwebs all year for this. It’s the spooky October update!

October 5

  • Island Insider (Formally Waddle On Wednesday) – Episode 1

October 19

  • Club Penguin Times #559
  • Next pin hidden
  • The 2016 Yearbook

October 24

  • Island Insider – Episode 2
  • CP Reunion Anniversary celebration

October 26

  • Project: Super Secret Update

October 31


Did I see the 2016 Yearbook on that list? YES!!! I’d give five pounds of cobwebs to get my hands on that.

…But seriously, what am I supposed to do with all of these?

-The Club Penguin Team

So she just renamed the Club Penguin show Waddle On Wednesday to Island Insider. Sounds like a good name for a show.

And of course, there are gonna be more new stuff to be coming to the Island later this month according to this post. Be sure you catch up to #MeggMonday every Monday (see CP Blog during that day) to see what “announcements” or things she has to say about the future of CP.

Leave us a comment below about your thoughts on this post!


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