Club Penguin Underwater Party 2012 Rookie Tracker 100% Best Tracker

Hey Penguins, I updated the Rookie Tracker, it has 100% best tracker, Use this tracker to find Rookie’s Location on Club Penguin, Heres the Rookie Tracker 2012.

Rookie Tracker

NOTE: Refresh This Tracker For 5-10 Minutes. Visit When Mario86385cp Spotted Rookie on Club Penguin.

~ Mario86385cp


Club Penguin Rookie’s New Background

Hey Penguins, Rookie has a new Background for the Underwater Party on Club Penguin, Take a look at the New Background.

It looks awsome, Im going to get it when i met rookie, Waddle On cp, Send a comment if you liked the new background.

~ Mario86385cp

Club Penguin Underwater Party Cheats

Hey guys, Club Penguin Underwater Party is here :D, and Rookie might be online at Club Penguin :D, Club Penguin Is Tipping on the Underwater Party, Rookie might be Helping penguins to get the water off to save club penguin, Heres the cheats to the Underwater Party on Club penguin.

After you have taken a very good look at the map, enter the maze. To successfully complete the maze, use the following pictures below to guide yourself through the maze. The red arrows will point the direction you will need to maneuver your penguin through to get through.
Once you have successfully maneuvered your penguin through the maze to the finish line, you will enter a room containing a free submarine costume!
Club Penguin Underwater Party Free Items
Club Penguin Underwater Party Released a New Item, Take a look.
Club Penguin Underwater Party Decorated Rooms
Club Penguin Underwater Party has a New Decorated Rooms, Check it out.
Well Thats all the cheats for today, Be sure to look at My ROOKIE TRACKER and Have fun at the Club Penguin Underwater Party. Waddle On Cp.
~ Mario86385cp

Club Penguin Blog: Behind The Scenes Update: Jan.25

Hey Penguins! Billybob Posted  a new Blog about the Club Penguin Bugs that Players are having Trouble Logging in or a Blue screen glitch that made Cp Players not play Cp, Thats why the Club Penguin Team are Fixing Bugs to let People play on Club Penguin, Heres what he said:


Hello Penguins!
It’s been busy here at Club Penguin HQ! For the last few months, we’ve dedicated a lot of the Club Penguin team to make the experience faster, and to squash some big bugs that were getting in the way.

Here are a few examples of what we’ve done:

  • Faster loading: One of the things we’ve heard is that you want to log on to Club Penguin faster. We’re listening, and have been working on a bunch of improvements… everything from room and game speed to server upgrades.
  • Blue screen bug: Some of you were getting disconnected while seeing a blue loading screen. Guess what? The team squashed this pesky bug!! Thanks for being so patient.
  • Small screen trick: Did you figure out this trick yet? Now you can switch between Small Screen and Big Screen without logging off!
We’re working on more improvements, so stay tuned as we continue to make Club Penguin even better!
Looks like the Cp Team are fixing bugs on club penguin, Thats better becuse If club penguin has bugs, It could Ban Players by Purchase a New Item or the Players are having trouble Logging In to Club penguin, Thats Very Bad, Well but now The Cp Team are Doing GOOD :D.

Club Penguin Underwater Party 2012 Homepage

Hey Penguins, Today, when i go to the Club Penguin Homepage, Theres a new Updated Design about the Underwater Expedition Party On the Club Penguin Homepage. Check it out.

Looks like the Cp Team are Ready for the Cp Underwater Expedition Party :D. Waddle On Cp :D.

~ Mario86385cp

Club Penguin Newspaper Issue #326

Hey Penguins, The Club Penguin Times Newspaper Issue #326 Has Been Released, Also theres the 1st annual fashion show will take place in the Gift Shop on February 2nd. Cadence made all of the comments about the new fashion show in this week’s newspaper, which means she’ll possibly be hosting new events. There will be more information about the Club Penguin fashion show events in the next issue of the Club Penguin Times. Take a Look.

Upcoming Events:

  • Starting Now: Better Igloos Catalog
  • Starting February 2nd: Penguin Style Catalog
  • Starting February 2nd: Fashion Show

Well, is it TRUE that Cadence is going to be at the Club Penguin Fashion Show at the Gift Shop and Rookie at the Club Penguin Underwater Expedition Party? Send a Comment to see its true or not.

~ Mario86385cp

Club Penguin January 2012 Better Igloos Catalog Cheats

Hey Penguins, Today, the Club Penguin Janurary 2012 Penguin Style Catalog was Released today at club penguin, i will show you cheats on the Cp Clothing Style 2012 Catalog. Heres the cheats for the Cp Clothing Style Catalog.

Ancient Archway

1. Open up the catalog to the 2nd page.

2. Click on the Treasure Chest’s keyhole.

Bamboo Torch

1. Flip to the 3rd page.

2. Click on the BBQ’s metal gril.

Well, thats all the Cheats for today, I hope i see you soon at Club Penguin, Waddle On Cp !!.

~ Mario86385cp

Club Penguin Fan Art Updated

Hey guys, The cp team updated a Fan Art at the Club Penguin Community Page, This is some Awsome Fan work, Take a look:

Looks Awsome, Keep working on your art work to see people watching your Art Work look Exallent :). Have fun at Cp :D.

~ Mario86385cp

Club Penguin Advertise On YouTube

Hey penguins, While i was watching youtube today I saw a Club Penguin advertisement pop up! Take a look:

This will help people buying Memberships and the Money that Club Penguin make out of this. Waddle On Cp :D.

~ Mario86385cp

Club Penguin Membership Activation Page Update

Hey guys, Club Penguin Membership Activation Page has been changed, The cp Team has updated the New Membership Activation Page and has a New Design, Take a look at the Update that the Cp Team has Updated.

Looks awsome, Maybe Club Penguin is going to change something New and Diffrent becuse the Beacon at the lighthouse has a new Design, Send a Comment what do you think what might change club penguin?

~ Mario86385cp