How To Pre-Register For The Next ‘Club Penguin Island’ In 2017?

HUGE news guys. It is finally revealed! On Thursday, Megg have released a new post about Project: Super Secret being revealed with a sneak peek video. Some type of an advertisement video but it’s mind blown for you guys!

This Project: Super Secret has a name now! It is simply called Project: Super Secret. Just kidding, Club Penguin Island.

According to the post, you can pre-register for it! Club Penguin Island will be a mobile game replacing the computer version of the game. So bye bye to the PC. Hello to mobile!

New Website?

You heard that right! There will be a new website for Club Penguin Island 2017! You can pre-register there, and look for info about this new mobile game.

When you are pre-registering, you will need a Disney account in order to pre-register for the game

You can either register you’re same username again or pick a different one!

After you’ve pre-registered for it, you will have a gift for you waiting when the game launches to mobile soon in 2017!

So that’s about it! You have been approved for the mobile game including me too.

Can’t wait? Leave us a comment on you’re thoughts on it!


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