Wilderness Expedition 2016 Walkthrough

I am back! Club Penguin have launched this month’s latest party that is called the Wilderness Expedition and it has made an appearance for the 2nd time (since 2011’s wilderness expedition) and let’s start the walkthrough!


After you login to Club Penguin and picking any server, you will get a message by Aunt Arctic but we’ll just skip it because we are going to focus on our main objective and this is what this walkthrough is all about.

So she will give you a book (located on your top right of the screen) that has all the items and quests there so click that and it will automatically take you there

Just a quick review of all the items there that ALL OF THEM are for members only

Click on Go to Camp to go to camp

When your there, go there

Here is the answers for the maze. It is very simple because when you notice this mark on all the trees, this mark will tell you which say to go

So here are the answers

And you made it!

Accept the reward (if your a member sadly) and here is the full view of the room!

And that is all ladies and gentlemen! I will be back posting some new walkthroughs on all of the parties/takeovers and I apologize for the “not-posting days” during this month including the Puffle Party 2016 in which it is the only party I have missed for this year. So until then, waddle on!

~ Mario86385CP


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