Operation: Doom 2016 Walkthrough

Club Penguin have launched the 4th operation party called the Operation: Boom [AKA Operation: Tri-Umph]! This party will involve around the plans of Herbert P Bear. Let’s go with the walkthrough!


First off, login to Club Penguin and Herbert will talk to you. Later then, Rookie will also. I’m gonna skip the talking scene so we could focus more on the walkthrough. So here is the Snow Forts

Okay, on the top right, click on the gold EPF logo that looks like this

After you’ve done that, it will open up the missions and the items menu

All items there are for members only sadly. When you go to the next scroller, there are more upcoming missions and free items for you to obtain when completing them

And the final prize is just marvelous!

Okay, next you have to click this to finish the quest

Not a quest but oh well. A dance party lol.

Free items for members are located here also

New emotes!

So where are the non-members items? Come on CP!

Operation: Doom deserves as an EPF mission for those to defeat Herbert P Bear. The party is good but the first thing about it is that it doesn’t have the option to “fix” something. Like Rookie should appear at the Snow Forts to assign some sort of a quest to figure out what is going on. Herbert is planning something bad to CP and we know that the EPF is solving hard.

Rate the walkthrough to 5 stars? Is this helpful? Leave us a comment!

~ Mario86385CP


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