Prehistoric Party 2016 Walkthrough

Club Penguin have finally released this month’s now happening party Prehistoric Party 2016. For the 3rd time of all CP History!


After you login to Club Penguin, you will now that it will appear a message by but let’s skip that for now and let’s go through the real real walkthrough.

First off, go to the Dock and aboard the Time Trekker

Once your inside, it will automatically take you back in time to Prehistoric times

Remember this game? Yes, it’s back!

Now you will understand why I play Dino Dig. Play Dino Dig to earn Fragments. These purple meteor fragments are used to allow you to unlock free and member items to the store when completing a quest. Click this

It will bring up the menu

The check marks represents the items you collected when finishing a quest. All you need is to collect a purple meteor fragment to complete today’s quest. That’s all. You can also transform into any kind of dinosaur here

And adopt a dino puffle (Members Only)

Don’t forget to check out the Penguin Style to see costumes based on Disney’s The Good Dinosaur

New emotes

And that is all! Be sure you share this to a friend for some helpful walkthroughs! Good day!

~ Mario86385CP


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