What Do We Know About The New Re-designed Migrator? [Project: Super Secret]

NOTE: Remember that these are MY creative ideas of how the new Migrator will work during Project: Super Secret. These ideas are NOT true for CP, it’s just a basic way to see how things will manage to work. Just my creativity.

You may know what the title of this post may be about and yes, it will be about this new Migrator.

Now WE KNOW that the upcoming Project: Super Secret will include this new re-designed Migrator. Many of you know this because Spike Hike have showed everyone the CP Island sneak peek of the project on Twitter or you might have seen it on the blog also!

Here’s the exact look of the new Migrator

Source: CP Blog

It looks quite the same but different.

Things That We Know About The New Migrator:

Now the things that we know about his new Migrator, is that it will have

  • A new re-designed Captain’s Quarters (a new Migrator without the Captain’s Quarters would be bad without Treasure Hunt)
  • New re-designed Crows Nest
  • New re-designed Store room
  • Outside room of the Migrator will be newly designed
  • Ship will have 3 masts instead of one (one being the Crows Nest)
  • Migrator will add cannons!

Check this how the entrance of the Store room will POSSIBLY WORK (remember that this is just my idea, NOT a true thing)

So yeah. These are the things that WE KNOW what will include on the Migrator during Project: Super Secret. And also some random ideas of myself.

~ Mario86385CP


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