What We Know About Project: Super Secret? [Includes Details]

Project: Super Secret is closer of being released publicly to Club Penguin. As I heard that it will be released possibly after 2016 (like January or February, somewhere like that) and the project contains new different things.

The Club Penguin Team are hardly continue to work and work and work towards this secret project that nobody knows what it has or includes.

So far, we know that the Project: Super Secret would contain:

– Clothing Customizer:

The Clothing Customizer is part of this project. It allows you to customize your clothing. For example: changing the color of your hoodie, or adding decals that you would like to include to your hoodie.

– Express Yourself:

Express Yourself is like an action or a feature that will include on this Project. It shows the action of how you are feeling.

– Club Penguin Island [Renovated]

The Club Penguin Island WILL BE renovated during the release of this Project. As you can see, Spike Hike have released a new image of the island itself renovated on Twitter yesterday


AND YET, THE PROJECT WILL BE HUGE AS YOU IMAGINE! Did the Club Penguin mention the Project is going to be huge? If not, then how did I get the word “huge” from? Maybe my mind is tricking me rn lol.

The next post will be talking about the picture. Whats includes it and more details about it. Stay tuned!

~ Mario86385CP



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