Holiday Party 2015 Walkthrough

Today is the day that Club Penguin releases the Holiday Party 2015! I got you all covered up on this full walkthrough! Let’s gooo


After you login to CP, Capt Rockhopper will talk to you

By clicking the Go There button, you will be automatically teleporting to the Forest

Over here, you have to donate whatever amount of coins to Coins for Change by clicking this below

Now over here, donate

After your done donating, you will be given a CFC Pin

Remember, the amount of coins donated will improve better things to the wildlife, environment, and care.

On the top right, click this to bring up a setting

Over here, you can transform and adopt 2 puffles including the Crystal and Olaf puffle. Also a donation feature. You can open calendar to access free gifts and also the Penguin Style & Furniture & Igloo catalogs.

Anyways, over here

You can earn coins by doing these things like…

Throw snowballs to those two boxes (one box actually) to earn 5 coins (location Beach)


Throw a snowball at the tree to earn 5 coins (location Forest)


Throw snowball at the bells to earn 5 coins (location Plaza)

AREA 501 stays?

And finally, new emotes!

Well, that is all for the party! Hope you like it. If you do, then shoutout to CP lol.

Thoughts? Leave us a comment!

~ Mario86385CP

~ Happy Holidays!


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