The Migrator Coming For Holiday Party 2015 + Project: Super Secret??

Ok, let’s talk about something new. Something new for the Holiday Party 2015. As many of you know that the Holiday Party 2015 is coming in these upcoming weeks, right? Well, I have something good for you.

On the CP blog, I know that people always comment on the blog saying this “Are there going to be any new features in the future?” or “Could the Time Trekker be back during January’s party”. I like to see these mods replying to them about it and this is why I was checking out the comments section in different posts looking something related to the Holiday Party 2015.

This post right here may have alot of people commenting on stuff. So I just keep searching and searching for anything that’s related for the upcoming party.

A CP player named Barcoterror1 wrote a comment for Megg, saying something related to it. Look what it says:

I can really tell that the new Migrator will be for the Project: Super Secret and the old one will be used for the Holiday Party 2015.

~ Mario86385CP


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