Operation: Crustacean Walkthrough

Today at Club Penguin, Operation: Crustacean is now available to the web and for the public! This must be the 4th operation party (I think) that will feature Herbert again. His plans will fail again. So anyways, let’s get to the walkthrough!


First thing, login to CP and choose any server. Then, JPG will talk to you:

Click Go There to go to you’re objective. Now your at the Dock and you WILL find this animal who is MISSING… but the fat bear is not

Click Ok  and you will now see a metal entrance gate for AREA 501 in front of you. Go there

Once your inside, HERBERT SPOTTED

Ok we’ll skip, and now you need to waddle on over there to get to a different dimension (as I call it)

After that, you’ll be taken to a place and it seems like it’s inside a UFO. Oh look, it’s a trap. Thanks Herbert

To solve this, you need to go to the Engine Room. Click Go There to take you there.

In the meantime, adopt an alien puffle for free!

The blue ones are free for everyone, but the yellow, purple, and orange are for members. CP did something, thank you

So yeah, I named my puffle Mike Wazaoski. So anyways, Backup Power room

Now it’s a maze. Here are the answers:

After you’ve completed the maze, you awarded a BG

There, power restored! You’re done with the 1st quest. Now let’s check out this

It shows a category of quests and free items. You can adopt an alien puffle from there too

Other quests might come in these upcoming days so stay tuned everyday for these unreleased quests!

Thoughts on the Operation? Leave us a comment

~ Mario86385CP


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