This Month MAY HAVE Something Related With The EPF

NOTE: This post is just about my theory and discussion about this month.

This month’s event and upcoming party had me like BLOWN away. Now this will blow you’re mind because there is some things you didn’t know about the Extreme Paint Festival. Well, some of you know.


Well, first off, Extreme Paint Festival is an event in Club Penguin in which you make art at the Dock by throwing snowballs at the empty white painting board. Now there is a few facts about this event.

Extreme Paint Festival has got to do with the EPF…

E  xtreme

P  aint

F  estival

And now, this month’s upcoming party or event has to do with the EPF because Operation: Crustacean takes place later this month.

Take a look at JPG’s message:

He spotted Herbert. He is up to something. I’m pretty sure.

Remember during the Halloween Party 2015 that you defeated Herbert by defeating his robot-self? He escaped didn’t he? Well now, he’s gonna be back later this month…… again.

Operation: Crustacean

About Operation: Crustacean, it will be a Club Penguin party that will release November 19, 2015.

Now take a look at the billboard:

Operation: Crustacean will be involved about UFOS? Because of this thing that’s in the billboard?

UFOS have been spotted around Club Penguin this or last week. Maybe this abduction is a reference for this month’s operation. Am I right?

If I’m wrong, I’m sorry. But about Herbert, his website (Club Herbert) isn’t been updating since a month.

On his website, it shows his To-Do list. On that list, he have crossed out Scare Pesky Penguins. But there are two left to catch up his objective. His next objective is to have a “Secret Meeting” with an unknown penguin that nobody here knows.

New EPF Agent?? A Recruit??

When you head over the EPF HQ and checking out the new EPF Handbook. You might notice on page 17, a new EPF recruit is featured there

Will he show up during Operation: Crustacean? Hope so.

Any thoughts about this post? Leave us a comment!

~ Mario86385CP


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