How To Defeat HERBOT – Halloween Party 2015 Walkthrough

After you have completed the mini-game on Rookie’s robot quest, a pop up message will appear and it is from RookieBot

So there is a secret lair below the Coffee Shop heh? Be sure you collect your free items after you completed Rookie’s quest mission during the event. Now when your at the Coffee Shop, you may find it

Enter it and it takes you to the lair. Well, look who it is

*then Gary appears on computer saying…*

Aaaugh let’s get up to this. Now, after you’re done listening to the fat bear and Gary, click Ok and now, you will need something to defeat Herbot. It’s easy

After you’ve done that, a mini-game will appear. Here are all the answers

After you’ve completed it, Herbot is fully destroyed. But Herbert and Klutzy escapes as they will continue their plans to destroy CP.

Now since you’ve completed it all, a reward have granted

I wonder what Herbert is planning next because something strange come up on Herbert’s site (Club Herbert) because at first, he wants to private talk someone. :/

Any thoughts about this? Leave us a comment!

~ Mario86385CP


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