Halloween Party 2015 Review

This is my first review post that I am going to publish it on my blog. It’s about my review of any Club Penguin party. Whether it’s good, bad, or horrible. You can also decide your review in the comments section whether you like it or not.

Alright here we go. The Halloween Party 2015

Halloween Party Logo

My review about the Halloween Party is good. Just good. I like the new features and things that they put including the “non-working psycho” robots.

The robots transformation/items/feature (in the game) are just fine. Totally fine. But there’s 1 problem that everyone (and one of my friends from my chat group) is having trouble with. It’s the design of the rooms that are the same but not different. You get what I mean?

The rooms from the Dock, Town, Snow Forts, Plaza, and Forest have the same Halloween design as last years. Why can’t CP design those rooms into a new design so that players can experience new things on Club Penguin?

I know that it is not everyone’s issue, but these room designs doesn’t bother me at all. If they are going to repeat and repeat and repeat the same room designs for every Halloween Party, then players are going to get tired of seeing them because they keep seeing it on every Halloween party. But I’m pretty sure the Club Penguin Team won’t do that because they always got new plans for new parties. Hopefully.

All I gotta say is that this year’s party is just great. Everyone likes it, some doesn’t like it but hey, the Club Penguin Team are trying to work hard to get their parties to look good.

Rating: 92/100 [Great!]

~ Mario86385CP


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