October 24, 2015 Marks Club Penguin’s 10th Birthday!

10 years ago, the Club Penguin Team had made their virtual online game available for the whole public on October 24th, 2005. In this day, it marks Club Penguin’s 10th birthday.

Club Penguin had brought us such fun, excitement, and good old memories that everyone in the Club Penguin community feel proud about it.

The rest of the old past parties were even way spectacular that everybody loved. Including the Festival of Flight, the Island Adventure Party 2010, Music Jam 2011, The Great Snow Race, Earth Day, Puffle Party 2011, Holiday Party 2010-13, Operation: Blackout, etc. Those old parties were the best of all!

Anyways, the Club Penguin Cheats Forever team, and of course everybody from the Club Penguin Community, would like to say…

Happy Birthday Club Penguin!

10 is a big number that represents something. It represents you’re birthday.

If you liked the graphic that I have made weeks ago, you’re very welcome CP Team.

~ Mario86385CP


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