Halloween Party 2015 Walkthrough

Club Penguin have finally launched the Halloween Party 2015! One of my friends on a chat group said the party is good. So I just checked it out and there right. Wow.

So anyways, here it is! Click the link below or something to enter the walkthrough

  1. Login to CP. Any server. Gary will talk to you:

Ok I skipped the rest of the talking-scene here lol. So it should say a Go There button when finishing talking to Gary. Click it and it should teleport you to the Mine Shack:

Ok in here, click on the Gary robot:

And Gary will talk to you:

Skip the talking-scene of Gary and he says to go to the Coffee Shop. When your at the Coffee Shop, click this:

After you clicked it, now you will need to go back to the Mine Shack and click the robot for the use of this object that you have collected at the Coffee Shop:

Now a mini-game pops on:

FREE answers! 😀

Now that you’ve completed it. Check out the quests by clicking this icon located on the top right:

Over here, you may transform as a Ghost Puffle or a Robot. There’s also quests that are available and others are coming soon:

New Emotes:

New emotes have been added to the party! You may check them out:

And that’s all!

Thoughts on the party? Reviews? Leave us a comment!

~ Mario86385CP


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