Club Penguin’s 10th Anniversary Party Launched!

This is the day that everyone have been waiting for. This is the day we celebrate Club Penguin’s 10th Anniversary party. Well Club Penguin released on October 24, 2005 and that’s Club Penguin’s birthday. But hey, happy birthday CP!


The Celebration:

All of this starts at the Coffee Shop of course. Let’s head in!

Here’s the inside of the room

Look at the cake! Maybe 400,000 or more players are gonna eat all up. It depends on the amount of players that joined CP.

Now, for the best thing around all Anniversaries… The Anniversary Hat and the 2015 yearbook

Click on the hat to claim it by clicking Yes

And here is the 2015 Yearbook! The 10th Year Anniversary Edition

Decorated Rooms:

Here are all the rooms featured for the Anniversary Party 2015!

It’s too many rooms, I’ll just leave it there.

And that’s about it! Are you enjoying yourself on the 1oth Anniversary Party?

Happy Birthday Club Penguin!

~ Mario86385CP

~ CPCF Team


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