The Puffle Wild App Is Officially Closed!

It is official news that the Puffle Wild app is no longer alive but it is clearly closed. This is also for the fans who loved the Puffle Wild app, but this is sad news too.

So I went to the CP homepage to look on the blog to see whats new for today. But then, I feel like I want to check out the Apps page on the CP website. I figured that there are only 3 apps included:

So I had to investigate this page for clues. Then, I just went to the Help page and it shows the app. I clicked it and it appears that the game is closed since September 2, 2015

So I begun to click it and it shows more information below:

So yeah. Puffle Wild had been retired. But heres the thing…

Puffle Wild will NOT appear on the App/Google Play store because its closed and retired. If you still have the game installed to your iPhone/iPod/iPad/Android, Here are the things you can do and not do:

  • YOU CAN play offline
  • You cannot login to your penguin account and make in-app purchases

So yeah, if you have it, its ok because I have it too. If you don’t then…. yeah.

What are your thoughts about this news? Leave us a comment

~ Mario86385CP


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