Fashion Festival 2015 Launched!

Club Penguin have finally released this month’s party event! Also known as the Fashion Festival 2015! It is packed with new items, decorative rooms, and also, a new mascot! Click the link below to start the walkthrough.


First off, when you login to Club Penguin, Dot will talk to you:


During the event, you may access a list of quests and free items and member items (perhaps) by clicking this icon on your in-game:

Its easy, its a quest to get you ready for Fashion Challenge. Dress awesome so people would like you for fashion! 🙂

Entering A Challenge:

To enter the challenge, you may go to the Dock, Snow Forts or the Forest. Let’s choose the Dock. Inside the dock, waddle on to the dressing room to start:

Once you clicked it, it appears that you may change your inventory and then submit to get everything ready to go:

After that you’ve hit Submit, Dot will talk to you:

(Remember you got 3 DAYS LEFT  for the challenge)

Decorative Rooms:



Snow Forts




Aaaaaaand that’s a wrap! What do you guys think of the Fashion Festival 2015? Leave us a comment below!

~ Mario86385CP



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