Club Penguin: Inside Out 2015 Walkthrough – Joy’s Quest #1


Since there is so much waiting and waiting and waiting for this month’s Club Penguin party, Club Penguin have finally released the Inside Out 2015 party on Club Penguin today. Rockhopper has lost his memory so let’s see what would happen


When you login to CP, Gary the Gadget Guy will talk to you:



Click Ok to end the talk. Now it takes you to the dock:



But first, let’s go ahead and click this that’s located at the top right side of the screen:



By clicking it, it brings up the quests list and an option to transform:



Let’s go ahead and continue by going in here:



Once you enter, she will talk to you:



Click Ok and she will resume to talk and give you 2 free items:



Click Start to start the quest of finding the happy core memory. You will be taken in a room, liek this one below:



lol and you will see 5 Inside Out characters standing there. Now there is one highlighted blue and you can see its Joy:



Well, nothing happens when you click her because when you click other characters like Disgust, Joy, Fear, it will open up their quest. Anyways, when your in that room, go here:



It will bring you up the location map where you can go to a different room or place:



Let’s go to Imaginationland (its on the map below ^)

When your at the Imaginationland, this will look like your location:




All you need to do is look for a happy core memory. So there is one right here:



Click on the orb and then, she will talk to you:



Now you need to go back to the Headquarters are retrieve it there:



Once you retrieved it, a mini-game appears. It’s similar as the one from Operation: Blackout. Remember that mini-game? Well, here are the answers:



After your done, you completed the mini-game and it will show Rockhopper’s memory. The first memory of all:



Now your done with Joy’s quest. The other quests from other Inside Out characters will be completed soon. So stay tuned!

Well the Inside Out 2015 is quite awesome today. I really like how Rockhopper lost his memory and forgotten how he was a pirate. LOL just kidding but there’s a way to bring him back to normal.

What are your thoughts of the Inside Out party 2015? Leave us a comment!

~ Mario86385CP


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