Club Penguin: EPF Training Missions 1-4 Walkthrough

Today, Club Penguin have released the EPF Training Missions 1-4 to everyone, publicly at the Island. Click the link below to continue reading.


These missions are just PSA missions. That’s right, the PSA missions are back to the Island as EPF Missions. When you login to any server, The Director will talk to you:

Click Go There and it will automatically teleport you to the EPF HQ:

To go for the missions, you waddle to the mission section. This one right here:

And you can click this to gain access to EPF gear:

Anyways, when you clicked either of them, it will appear a list of PSA missions to choose. Some of the missions are locked and needed to be unlocked by the upcoming days:

Check out this walkthrough video by Spark Flurry

Special credit for Spark Flurry! Be sure you like his video and subscribe to his channel by clicking here!

What do you guys think on the EPF missions?

~ Mario86385CP


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