HUGE Upcoming Events/Updates For June 2015!!

This post is gonna be a surprising BLAST for you all. This post contains a list of upcoming events/updates that will be released ONLY on June 2015.

On the CP blog, Megg released a new post about the upcoming events and updates for June 2015. Check it out:

What you see there is a calendar of upcoming events and updates that will be updated on June 2015. I know you guys feel surprising BUT it is surprising. So, HERE WE GO! 😀

June 4: Mall opens as the grand opening. The Stage will be sadly removed.

June 10: Sled Racer challenge!

June 11: EPF Training Missions 1-4

June 14: Buy a gift for dad!

June 17: CP Blog gets a whole new look! 😮

June 18: EPF Training Missions 5-8

June 18-24: Surprise royal items for everyone only on the Club Penguin App.

June 21: Fathers Day

June 24: Special Studio Guest and Bday Celebration!

June 25: EPF Training Misisons 9-11

June 26: Royal themed meet-up on CP App

June 29: July party announcement! 

June 30: Complete EPF Training Missions!

~ Mario86385CP


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