The Fair 2015 Walkthrough

Club Penguin have finally released the Fair 2015 at the Club Penguin Island. Now there are 2 parties going on right now, the Rainbow Party 2015. One party at the App and the other at the normal Club Penguin computer version. Let’s start by clicking the Read More… button below.

When you login to a server, Rookie will talk to you:

After your done, a Ticket appears on the top right side of the screen. Like this one:

Click the Ticket and it will open up the prize section and the transforming section:

The Non-Members/Free For Everyone section:

The Members section:

Coming soon for Members:

And coming soon for Non-Members/everyone:


Yes yes, the bell will return in May 28th but let’s focus on the Walkthrough. Ok, let’s check out the Daily Spin, that’s located right here on the map:

This is it:

During gameplay:

I won 500 coins xD.

Now time for the games area rooms:

And the concert of the Penguin Band:

So that’s it. Thoughts? Leave us a comment.

~ Mario86385CP


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